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  • Summary: Jake Hunter Detective Story: Memories of the Past features three brand new stories, one made exclusively for Nintendo DS. Jake Hunter Detective Story: Memories of the Past also includes a brand new mode, Jake Hunter Unleashed, which incorporates brand new art direction and six mind-boggling comedic stories. As an added bonus, Jake Hunter Detective Story: Memories of the Past includes the first three stories from Jake’s original adventure, all re-localized with creative imagination and flare. Play through all five episodes, plus an all new original episode made specifically for Jake Hunter on Nintendo DS. Get ready for some hilarious and suspicious misadventures in five "Jake Hunter Unleashed" comic episodes! Also included is an original comic episode added for this DS iteration of Jake Hunter. A Plethora Of Unlockables. Uncover more passwords than before and unlock short stories, interviews with the developers, and much, much more. [Aksys Games] Expand
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  1. The revamped and expanded JakeHunter may still have a few rough edges around its decidedly streamlined gameplay, but it is a satisfying experience for any fan of Dashiell Hammett and Raymond Chandler.
  2. 79
    The writing is spot-on, the cases are compelling and the extras are abundant. And it's a great value, priced at ten bucks less than what most DS games go for these days.
  3. 73
    A major improvement over the junky Jake Hunter game we got last year. Some of the flaws like the misplaced Americanizations still bug me, but Memories of the Past is still a suitable apology for last year's disappointment.
  4. A well-stocked game and a big improvement over Jake's previous outing, but it still feels a bit dry. [Nov 2009, p.73]
  5. This hard-boiled detective is a bit underdone. [June 2009, p.90]
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