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  • Summary: Justice League Heroes for the Nintendo DS, developed by Sensory Sweep Studios as a prequel to the console title, lets gamers use the stylus to control and unleash the superpowers of Batman, Superman, The Flash and Wonder Woman. Gamers use objects within the destructible environment against enemies at will and also call in devastating attacks from other DC Comics super heroes, like Aquaman and Green Arrow, to help save the world from certain destruction. [Warner Bros. Interactive] Expand
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  1. A disappointment, considering that the Xbox, PS2 and GBA versions are so much fun to blaze through.
  2. Justice League Heroes for the DS lacks intense battles and super heroics of the console version but at least it gives us a game with a lot of cool characters and a lot to unlock.
  3. On the Nintendo DS, Justice League Heroes is a halfhearted beat-'em-up game that does very little to make you feel as if you're controlling your favorite comic book characters.
  4. 44
    It's got the heroes, but none of their charm. And it's yet another example of the Justice League idea never reaching its potential as a game...at least on the handheld side of things.
  5. The long tradition of execrable license tie-ins continues with Justice League Heroes for DS...Even a hardcore Justice League fan will be hard pressed to enjoy this one.
  6. The only way you'd really want to play this game is if you're a diehard fan of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and The Flash and you don't mind beating up stupid robots for hours on end in dull levels.
  7. Unfortunately Justice League Heroes is one of those games that gives licensed properties a bad name by failing on almost every level and squandering an opportunity to create something that does this franchise the "justice" it deserves.

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