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  1. 70
    What it really comes down to is that Metal Slug 7 is a one-shot arcade effort, single player only, and a few challenges to try and bulk up the game ever-so-slightly. It's fun, but when you're finished blasting through it in an hour or so (which is how long a first trip through Easy or Normal will take most gamers), there's almost nothing left to see.
  2. Regardless of the platform, it's good to see Metal Slug back in action with all of the same old intense gameplay that has made it such a hit with shoot-'em-up arcaders for more than a decade.
  3. If you’re a Metal Slug fan you owe it to yourself not to miss Metal Slug 7.
  4. Metal Slug 7 is a very good game full of crazy action, great graphics, smooth animations, and a definite challenge. The only problem is that there is so much missing from this package. No multiplayer, no leaderboards, no branching paths, and only seven story missions won’t keep you coming back even with the additional eighty training levels.
  5. Metal Slug 7 provides great action, but unless you're a total completist, it's far too short an experience.
  6. The soundtrack for Metal Slug 7 is definitely a winner.
  7. Overall, Metal Slug 7 for the NDS is a solid and difficult side-scrolling shooter that adds little to the franchise.
  8. The shrink from arcade to DS screen in no way cramps the experience, offering the same amount of exacting control as it ever did.
  9. For all of my bitching, I don’t hate Metal Slug 7. It’s fun enough, functional, and perfect for short bus rides, but I enjoyed playing it more the last six times it was released. Metal Slug 7 proves that shaking down a series for a seventh installment only works if it stars Ron Perlman.
  10. Games Master UK
    Sprites and comic violence make up for technical shortcomings. [Christmas 2008, p.84]
  11. 67
    Metal Slug 7's a mostly faithful sequel that works on the DS, especially considering that there hasn't been a commendable portable installment since the NeoGeo Pocket days. But if you've got an Xbox 360 at home, the ol' "wait and see" approach probably wouldn't hurt.
  12. Metal Slug 7 comes to Nintendo DS with the whole magic of the classical franchise. Totally faithful to the original game, it doesn´t need any innovations, but in these times the experience is a little limited for the home consoles. Unfortunately it doesn't have a multiplayer mode. A perfect game for the followers of the series.
  13. games(TM)
    The game's lack of a two-player mode will be a profound disappointment for those gamers whose greatest Metal Slug flashbacks are fuelled by the showmanship and camaraderie of co-op play. [Oct 2008, p.123]
  14. Metal Slug games tend to disappear fast and never return, so snag this one fast and don’t be sluggish. If you see a sale, bite and don’t hesitate.
  15. I think there’s a certain subset of gamers that will absolutely adore MS7, and a larger group of us that will find it fun, but ultimately somewhat unsatisfying.
  16. Edge Magazine
    The game’s seven levels may not boast the artistry and meticulousness of its forebears’, but they boast action that at least equals them. [Oct 2008, p.102]
  17. 60
    If there's a criticism to be made here it's that, well, it's just another Metal Slug game. For fans, this is certainly a good thing. But when it's all said and done, there's nothing here you haven't experience dozens of times in the past.
  18. Essentially, Metal Slug 7 is one for the fans, designed with an "if it ain't broke don't fix it" mentality. There's nothing here that revolutionises the series, indeed there's nothing here that looks remotely modern.
  19. SNK fail to provide any real justification for continuing the 2D shooter series or for moving to the DS.
  20. Metal Slug 7 has survived the transition between arcade an the Nintendo DS. The only thing that we really missed was the co-op mode. What, in al fairness, is almost like a stab to the heart. Gamers who never played a Metal Slug game before be aware, the game offers only seven levels that will last for only an hour or two. However, for the fans this is just what the doctor ordered, action in Metal Slug style!
  21. Pelit (Finland)
    Metal Slug 7 delivers what fans of the series expect, nothing more, nothing less. [Jan 2009]
  22. Nintendo Power
    Metal Slug 7 is a solid, fun shooter, but it lacks the ingenuity of the better games in the series. [Holiday 2008, p.80]
  23. This title does all the right things in terms of challenge, weapons, character options, and level designs. The problem is that it rarely goes beyond what’s been previously established; aside from a few insanely awesome boss fights and a handful of fancy new throwaway underlings to ravage, nearly all of your foes have been plucked from the older titles.
  24. 60
    If you're an arcade enthusiast or want a suitable action game for your DS this holiday season, Metal Slug 7 is definitely worth locking and loading into your system.
  25. While it may not have evolved a great deal Metal Slug 7 still carries on the classic gameplay that made the series popular.
  26. Official Nintendo Magazine UK
    It's Metal Slug. Nothing more, nothing less. [Mar 2009, p.84]
  27. Metal Slug 7 is a godsend to hardcore gamers looking for a portable fix.
  28. A highly playable version of Metal Slug on the DS, and regardless of the steps back to suit the hardware, the end result is not all that bad. You can’t help but wish for more, although for any game to be truly special on its eight iteration is a very big ask.
  29. 70
    Metal Slug 7 is an extremely solid entry in the Metal Slug series.
  30. Metal Slug 7 is an addictive game, despite the absence of a co-op mode, the lack of variation in playable characters, and the recycling of different elements from earlier installments in the series. The old school gameplay is a blast though, the visuals have nostalgia written all over it, and the Combat Room is a nice addition.
  31. While its graphics look jaggy on the tiny DS screen, there's no two-player mode and it game uses very little of the system's touch screen abilities, but if you're in the market for a run and gun video game with lots of action, Metal Slug 7 will work out your trigger finger.
  32. Metal Slug 7 is a possible game for Nintendo DS but it’s very far from the “true sequel” the fans have waited for so long especially since the third version is considered the vertex and pinnacle of all “shooters”.
  33. Metal Slug 7 offers you a fantastic action experience wrapped in two beautifully pixelated dimensions. You'll have to enjoy every minute you can though since the content being offered is meager to say the least. Seven levels in total is all you get, and even though you can challenge yourself with three stages of difficulty there is just way to little content to motivate a full retail price. It's a great game though, so keep an eye on the bargain bin.
  34. 80
    Metal Slug 7 is a great installment of a classic franchise.
  35. It’s too short, too lacking in features, and doesn’t give players anything extraordinary to make up for its mishaps.
  36. Metal Slug 7 is what it is; a resolutely old school, unashamedly non-progressive and brutally tough side-scrolling shooter and, in many respects, SNK should be applauded for bringing an authentic Metal Slug experience to the DS.
  37. The Metal Slug series are still great games to play after all these years and considering how many versions are out there Metal Slug 7 feels fresh and is a real blast to play.
  38. n-Revolution Magazine UK
    It’s a toss-up between this and Contra 4 for a DS run-‘n’-gun. MS7 could have done with a two-player game and more innovation.

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  1. Aug 26, 2016
    Just don't.

    Even if you're a Metal Slug fan don't pay full price for this buy it used it's so bad It's Easily the worst metal slug
    Just don't.

    Even if you're a Metal Slug fan don't pay full price for this

    buy it used

    it's so bad

    It's Easily the worst metal slug game out of the main series

    it's just so

    bad? what the **** ignition entertainment, i see why you went bankrupt

    this is awful

    I can't recommend this to anyone but metal slug fans, it's just bad and a really horrible misrepresentation of the series. The visuals are crap, it's extremely bland and man like the sound mixing is bad? Thankfully the XX version for PSP and XBOX360 is much better and much more worth your time.

    Bad difficulty balancing

    crap visuals

    unfair and cheap enemy placement that is further worsened by the crap visuals


    And the final Nail in the coffin

    if you have the sound effects set to 10 in the options and your DS's volume all the way up, avoid the laser power up

    i'm serious, idk wtf they did but it's too high pitched and sounds horribly disgusting, it stings my ears personally but i can also hear dog whistles so that may be part of it

    **** this piece of **** and **** you ignition entertainment, rest in piss
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