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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 32 out of 40
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  1. Yes, it's sweet, but look beyond the cute visuals and you'll discover a slickly produced, deeply enthralling strategy game, which combines tactical planning with edge-of-your-seat scrambles.
  2. The overall approach is fairly simple, but the level design is well thought out and offers a substantial challenge for gamers of all ages. It’s also a meaty package, presenting players with a sizeable single-player experience and both single and multi-card, multiplayer gameplay. Ninjatown weighs in as: highly recommended.
  3. But for 10-12 hours, Ninjatown is a very charming and habit-forming, if modest, RTS that puts a throwing star right in our hearts.
  4. At PixelJunk Monsters' price-point, Ninjatown would be an essential purchase, but as a full-price DS release it stops slightly short. That said, it's still a likeable, accessible and deceptively complex little strategy game, worth 20-odd quid of any pocket strategist's money, and it keeps on giving, feeding you something new and fun to play with right up until the fist-eatingly difficult last few levels.
  5. 60
    The presentation and love put into the character designs and attention to detail carries the simplistic and overly easy gameplay further than it should. If you want a gentle introduction to the genre, this is absolutely perfect.
  6. A must-have for strategy game fans everywhere.
  7. Don’t let the cutie-pie exterior fool you — Ninjatown is a gamer’s game through and through.
  8. Ninjatown is a wonderful experience overall, and never feels frustrating despite its challenge. While there may be a specific formula to beating every level, it's the trial and error that allows ultimate success to feel so very gratifying.
  9. 87
    Borrowing an existing game design can work if you inject it with your own personality, and that's exactly what Ninjatown has done.
  10. There's a ton of levels, lots of cool ninjas, and a strong multiplayer mode. This game is highly addictive.
  11. Ninjatown is an intuitive strategy experience that anyone can enjoy.
  12. A great game, providing solid, fun gameplay that left me feeling challenged enough (and addicted enough) to keep playing. With each battle lasting about ten minutes, this is a perfect title to play in short bursts and makes for an ideal portable title.
  13. Ninjatown does everything well for a tower-defense game on DS.
  14. A good attempt at a tower defence game but it just lacks that little extra magic.
  15. Don't judge Ninjatown by its cover. It's funny and clever in a way that grown-ups can appreciate, and the increasingly complex strategy is engrossing and challenging enough to keep you coming back right up to the very end.
  16. There are over 30 different maps to try out in Ninjatown, and a decent multiplayer mode to boot, so there's plenty of content here that'll appeal to strategy fans.
  17. Ninjatown has “sleeper hit” written all over it. It certainly looks innocent enough on the outside – it’s cute and goofy, and oozes sugary sweetness, as it’s actually based on a stuffed toy line (the Shawnimals, created by ex game journo Shawn Smith). But underneath that fluffy exterior is a seriously addictive tower defense game that is as hardcore as it is adorable.
  18. 83
    If you can get past the saccharine coating of the Ninjatown world, you'll find a surprisingly good tower defense-style filling hidden inside the hard candy shell.
  19. 80
    After the completion of each level, the game further reveals its plot through storyboard-style cinemas that are usually very entertaining and funny. In fact, this is probably the game's strongest suit: it's brimming with personality.
  20. Ninjatown’s gameplay is solid and addictive, its style is wonderful and adorable, and its faults are negligible. It’s obvious that a lot of heart went into this game, and it shows by being one of the best titles on the Nintendo DS. That’s right, you didn’t misread that, Ninjatown is one of the best titles on the Nintendo DS. It’s perfectly suited for the system, the controls are impeccable, and it’s loaded with enough content to justify a purchase for anyone who owns the handheld.
  21. Somehow producing a breath of fresh air out of a fairly worn out strategy sub-genre, Ninjatown's adorable Ninjas and pesky Devils provide enough appeal to keep gamers thoroughly entertained.
  22. If we're being picky, we could say that Ninjatown might be a bit too cute for some, and not quite as in depth as other tower defence games on the DS (the recent Lock's Quest springs to mind), but on the whole it's a fun, accessible strategy title with a lovely art style that's sure to please fans of the genre.
  23. Ninjatown takes the fast-thinking, reactionary gameplay of tower defense and combines it with simple real-time strategy elements, creating one of the more compelling and unique games in recent memory.
  24. The crazy humor, the fresh game play, the strategic diversity and the wacky graphics make Ninja Town an insider tip.
  25. games(TM)
    The ten-minute skirmishes balance depth with accessibility in a manner perfectly adapted to the handheld, and it’s all wrapped up in a completely charming persona. [Jan 2009, p.105]
  26. AceGamez
    Ninjatown is an innovative take on the real-time strategy genre and a game that can be enjoyed by all. The simple nature of the design hides a wholly addictive premise; don't let the cutesy colours fool you into thinking that this is just for kids - there's a very engaging game beneath the distinctive and charming visuals.
  27. This is as uncomplicated and fun as it can get. Fun for all ages.
  28. Edge Magazine
    Though its essential concept is well worn, Ninjatown is sturdily designed and offers a commendably flexible set of strategies for survival against the hordes. [Christmas 2008, p.97]
  29. This is a great real-time strategy game. Only stay away if you hate the genre.
  30. Ninjatown must be one of the most addictive games on the Nintendo DS. If you love addictive games that you cannot put down then you will love this.
  31. For the most part, the simple 2D art design works extremely well in generating the game’s overall appeal; it just could have used slightly more definition in terms of upgrading structures and deploying more powerful units.
  32. Games Master UK
    It'll win you over with its simplistic charm. [Jan 2009, p.84]
  33. Although Ninjatown’s gameplay is not necessarily my style, it is at its heart a worthy and very sound tower defence game.
  34. Nintendo Power
    Fortunately for gamers new to the RTS genre, Ninjatown keeps track of how many times you've failed, and asks of you want to play on an easier setting after several unsuccessful missions. [Dec 2008, p.100]
  35. 80
    Taking Tower Defense to a playful and portable level, Ninjatown is more fun than a plateful of ninja cookies. The succinct levels make for great bite-sized portable portions of gameplay, and the ninja antics will have you gobbling it up.
  36. Nintendo Gamer
    Accessible, socially acceptable strategy action. [Jan 2009, p.72]
  37. Ninja Town offers a deep gameplay with a balanced and immediate control, making it a great choice for every RTS fan. It requires some time to get used to the particular graphic style, but you will be rewarded with a great gameplay experience.
  38. It’s not going make your mind EXPLODE, but it’s a really nice little game with plenty of charm and a clarity of design that you rarely see these days - especially on the DS, stuffed full of shovelware as it is.
  39. 80
    Ninjatown is not a particularly difficult game (unless you're going for a perfect score), but it's a fresh and engaging experience.
  40. 80
    Its loveable characters, appealing music and addictive tower defense shenanigans make it an ideal pickup, especially for younger gamers that love pajama wearing warriors.

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  1. May 26, 2011
    A very adorable game that has a nice reference to Dragon Ball Z in it. A nice tower-defense strategy to play on-the-go if you're bored. JustA very adorable game that has a nice reference to Dragon Ball Z in it. A nice tower-defense strategy to play on-the-go if you're bored. Just don't expect to play it for long; the action gets VERY repetitive VERY quickly. Full Review »
  2. Oct 16, 2010
    Coming from someone who doesn't normally like strategy games I loved this one. It was cute yet not too childish. The story line was engagingComing from someone who doesn't normally like strategy games I loved this one. It was cute yet not too childish. The story line was engaging and the levels were nice and diverse. Finished it pretty fast though, would have liked it to be longer. Full Review »
  3. BoyM
    Jan 27, 2009
    The gameplay is simple, quick to learn, and right on for the DS, and the cuteness factor only adds to the enjoyment of this relatively The gameplay is simple, quick to learn, and right on for the DS, and the cuteness factor only adds to the enjoyment of this relatively straightforward tower defense game. The music, the graphics, and the style are all fun during the experience, and memorable as well. The only negative: It should have been straightforward to add more maps to the game, whether as part of the story or as extra maps a la advance wars. Full Review »