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  • Summary: Whether you draw stick figures or virtual masterpieces, jump into 8-player battles where the first team to guess the image being drawn wins. Pick from a huge word list, even add in some of your own words, and show off your favorite drawings in the gallery. Battle it Out in a Match of Wits: Fun multiplayer modes pit you against your friends in an intense battle. Eight different modes ensure the party never stops. Challenge Your Friends with the Ad Hoc Download Feature: Party it up with PictoImage – you only need one copy of the game for eight friends to join in the fun. Enhance Your Skills with Practice Mode: Featuring tips and tricks to help improve your game. Over ninety different practice examples to choose from guarantees you'll be the quickest on the draw. Show Off Your Masterpieces with the Picture Gallery: Become a regular Picasso using the gallery feature. Save your drawings to show off to your friends. It’s like having a digital sketch book in your pocket. [Sega] Expand
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  1. The single-player mode is surprisingly entertaining, while single-DS play is perfect for car journeys. And, provided you have a dictionary on hand, it can even be pretty educational.
  2. 75
    PictoImage is a game of simple, approachable thrills, and that bodes extremely well for pulling your significant other, siblings, or parents into its addictive grasp.
  3. With a decent array of modes and a charming exterior, you could do a lot worse for your money than PictoImage.
  4. If you're a parent thinking about picking up this game for your kid, I think you may be on the right track if you just want your kid to be creative, learn how to draw, share something with his friends, etc. However, it may not be as exciting for them as playing MegaMan, LEGO StarWars, or Animal Crossing, so you may have to give it some thought.
  5. PictoImage isn't a bad game, but neither is the version that you can play with only a pen and paper.
  6. With a group of like-minded friends PictoImage is worth its weight in gold, but sadly the single player portion of the game is far less essential.
  7. In all honesty I fail to see a reason for anyone buy something this. Even if you included the whole game as a mini-game in some other larger title it would still seem limited. It’s honestly a miracle that I wrote this much about a game that offers gamers so little in return.

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