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Summary: Return to the beloved Johto region first introduced in the Pokémon Gold and Silver Version games for the portable Game Boy system. Several new enhancements for the series, such as updated graphics and touch screen features, enrich these timeless adventures, and the new Pokéwalker accessory allows players to take their favorite Pokémon with them wherever they go. Both games feature detailed graphics that spotlight the unique environments and hundreds of Pokémon that players can encounter and catch. Players can even see and interact with their favorite Pokémon outside of battle, selecting one from their team to follow behind them as they travel through the Johto region. [Nintendo]
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Rating: E
Official Site: http://www.pokemongoldsilver.com/
Developer: Game Freak
Genre(s): Role-Playing, Console-style RPG, Console-style RPG, Trainer
ESRB Descriptors:Mild Cartoon Violence
Cast Credit
Satoru Iwata Executive Producer
Hiroyuki Yagi Pokémon Design
Hiroki Sotoike Programming
Toru Inage Technical Support
Yosuke Suma Programming Support & System Programming
Seth McMahill NOA Localization Coordinators
Sachiko Nakamichi Artwork
Junichi Masuda Producer
Junichi Masuda Producer
Junichi Masuda Producer
Ken Sugimori Pokémon Design
Ken Sugimori Pokémon Design
Ken Sugimori Pokémon Design
Shigeru Ohmori Pokéwalker Game Design
Shigeru Ohmori Pokéwalker Game Design
Takao Unno Art Director
Takao Unno Pokémon Design
Hitomi Sato Music Composition
Hitomi Sato Music Composition
Hitomi Sato Music Composition
Shigeki Morimoto Director
Shigeki Morimoto Pokémon Design
Shigeki Morimoto Pokémon Design
Tetsuya Watanabe Programming Support & System Programming
Hisashi Sogabe Programming Support & System Programming
Sousuke Tamada Programming Support & System Programming
Akito Mori Programming Leader
Atsuko Nishida Pokémon Design
Atsuko Nishida Pokemon Designer
Go Ichinose Music Leader
Go Ichinose Pokémon Voices
Satoshi Nohara Programming Support & System Programming
Satoshi Nohara Sound Effects
Yoshinori Matsuda Programming Support & System Programming
Keita Kagaya Programming Support & System Programming
Hiroyuki Nakamura Programming
Masao Taya Programming Support & System Programming
Nozomu Saito Programming
Tomomichi Ohta Programming
Miyuki Iwasawa Programming
Miyuki Iwasawa Script Design
Daisuke Goto Programming Support & System Programming
Tomoya Takahashi Programming Support & System Programming
Souichi Yamamoto Localization
Akira Kinashi Localization
Shota Kageyama Music Composition
Tsunekazu Ishihara Executive Producer
Hitoshi Yamagami Producer
Kazuki Yoshihara Coordination
Motoki Fujita Artwork
Shusaku Egami Producer
Hiroaki Tsuru Producer
Hideaki Araki Coordination
Hiro Nakamura Game Design
Takeshi Kawachimaru Game Design
Yasuko Sugiyama Artwork
Hiroyuki Goto Pokémon Design
Kimiko Nakamichi Localization
Teruki Murakawa Localization
Hisato Yamamori Translation
Yufuko Saito Information Supervisor
Kiyomi Itani Artwork
Eric Medalle English Version Artwork
Eric Medalle English-Version Artwork
Kevin Lalli English-Version Artwork
Bridget O'Neill English-Version Artwork
Satoshi Tajiri Executive Producer
Joel Simon NOA Localization Coordinators
Kenji Matsushima Game Design Leader
Kenji Matsushima Script Design
Kenji Matsushima Script Design
Kenji Matsushima Script Design
Genya Hosaka Programming
Toru Nagihashi Programming
Katsumi Ohno Programming Support & System Programming
Nagaaki Fukase Programming Support & System Programming
Nobuhiko Ariizumi Programming Support & System Programming
Saya Tsuruta Graphic Design
Kenkichi Toyama Graphic Design
Kenkichi Toyama Pokémon Design
Yusuke Ohmura Graphic Design
Yusuke Ohmura Pokémon Design
Maiko Fujiwara Graphic Design
Satoshi Ohta Graphic Design
Satoshi Ohta Pokémon Design
Kanako Eo Graphic Design
Kanako Eo Pokémon Design
Emi Yoshida Graphic Design
Emi Yoshida Pokémon Design
Yasuo Kumakura Graphic Design
Takuto Kitsuta Music Composition
Kenichi Kikkawa Sound Effects
Tadashi Takahashi Game Design
Tadashi Takahashi Script Design
Tadashi Takahashi Script Design
Tadashi Takahashi Script Design
Akihito Tomisawa Game Design
Akihito Tomisawa Map Design
Akihito Tomisawa Map Design
Masafumi Saito Game Design
Masafumi Saito Script Design
Masafumi Saito Script Design
Masafumi Saito Script Design
Masafumi Saito Script Design
Teruyuki Shimoyamada Game Design
Teruyuki Shimoyamada Parametric Design
Tetsuji Ohta Game Design
Tetsuji Ohta Parametric Design
Kouji Nishino Game Design
Kouji Nishino Parametric Design
Suguru Nakatsui Game Design
Toshinobu Matsumiya Game Design
Toshinobu Matsumiya Pokédex Text
Toshinobu Matsumiya Pokédex Text
Motofumi Fujiwara Pokémon Design
Hironobu Yoshida Pokémon Design
Hiroki Fuchino Pokémon Design
HyunJung Lee Pokémon Design
Rena Yoshikawa Pokémon Design
Jun Okutani Pokémon Design
Asuka Iwashita Pokémon Design
Aimi Tomita Pokémon Design
Muneo Saito Pokémon Design
Yasuhiro Usui English Localization
Mikiko Ryu English Localization
Eve Eschenbacher Translation
Kellyn Ballard English-Version Editing
Blaise Selby English-Version Editing
Eoin Sanders English-Version Editing
Rie Fujiwara NOA Localization Coordinators
Noriko Nakao Localization
Haruhiko Imatake Localization
Ryusuke Niitani Localization
Hironori Ichibayashi Localization
Shuhei Furukawa Localization
Masahiko Ota Mechanical Director
Kazuhiro Fujihara Mechanical Design
Kazuhiro Maruyama Mechanical Design
Noriaki Uchida Mechanical Design
Noriko Akita Mechanical Design
Hayato Takemoto Mechanical Design
Kozo Kamimura Mechanical Design
Takuya Kaminosono Mechanical Design
Takumi Nakahira Mechanical Design
Mikihiro Ishikawa Programming Coordinator
Masaru Shimomura Project Manager
Yuri Sakurai Information Supervisor
Toya Yoneda Information Supervisor
Naoko Yanase Information Supervisor
Shunsuke Kohori Coordination
Kenta Nakanishi Coordination
Satoshi Tajiri Executive Producer
Joel Simon NOA Localization Coordinators
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#3 Most Discussed DS Game of 2010
#2 Most Shared DS Game of 2010