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  • Summary: In the midst of an unending war for dominance between two super-powers, Special Intelligence Agent Stocke is assigned to a routine escort mission that goes horribly awry.
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  1. Mar 30, 2011
    An almost flawless game, Radiant Historia is everything I hope for in a modern-day portable RPG. Atlus and Index Corporation have potentially created a rival for Chrono Trigger in terms of story telling and quality.
  2. Feb 23, 2011
    And since I've already given this review some special treatment, rather than end with a flowery or poetic conclusion, I'll simply reiterate that Radiant Historia is one of the best Japanese RPGs I've played in years. Atlus has given us a winner.
  3. May 18, 2011
    Radiant Historia is a Japanese-style role-playing game developed by Atlus. The excellent graphics, the gripping soundtrack and exciting history make it one of the last must-have titles for the Nintendo DS.
  4. Feb 2, 2011
    It's not often that we see a DS RPG with this level of creativity and polish in the story and gameplay departments, and the fantastic music and art only accentuate that. Even if you think you've done the time-travel RPG before, you should still definitely play Radiant Historia.
  5. Feb 26, 2011
    Overall, however, Radiant Historia is an excellent game. [March 2011, p.88]
  6. Apr 23, 2011
    Fun story and great combat. [Apr 2011, p.73]
  7. Mar 1, 2011
    While JRPGs continue to flounder on the home consoles, games like this one prove that the genre is alive and well on handhelds.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 15 out of 15
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  1. Mar 20, 2011
    "If Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy Tactics had a baby, Radiant Historia would be it."

    I can't remember what critic wrote that, but It's
    pretty spot-on. Radiant Historia is a fantastic game. Expand
  2. Jun 27, 2011
    When i first saw this game on the shelf, i thought, "why not give it a shot, it looks like my kind of game." After i got home, I WAS HOOKED! The storyline grabbed me, the combat was genius, and even though there is one flaw in the "time-line crossing", just ignore it and you continue to love it. P.S.: the flaw is that if you save a man in one timeline, that would mean in order to be safe in the other timeline, he would have to cross timelines. He does however say "haven't i seen you before?" That kind of makes up for it, but in reality, it doesn't matter. Hope you love it!!!! Expand
  3. Jun 4, 2011
    Radiant Historia is a brilliant game that uses time travel to progress the game. I have put 20 plus hours into the game, and I'm only on chapter 4. I love the game so much it doesn't even feel like I have spent that much time playing it. If you can find yourself a copy(since by my knowledge atlas is done manufacturing any more copies of the game) please grab it, and enjoy one of the best DS games I have played. Expand
  4. Feb 26, 2011
    The game has beautiful character art, good music, and writing that makes me feel like I'm playing a classic SNES/PS1 era JRPG. Combat can be approached like a puzzle game and greatly rewards damage output for creative thinking. The down side is that even the easy battles require a significant time and MP investment, which left me constantly feeling starved of power and frequently desperate feeling. The time travel aspect is well used in the story, as there is constant tension and mystery. Overall the game has a lot of strong points and they work well together resulting in what I feel is one of the best Japanese RPG games to come out in quite some time. Expand
  5. Dec 31, 2011
    This game is fun and easy to pick up. It doesn't fall into the trap that other RPGs have done where they made either the story pretentiously over-the-top nonsense or made the battle mechanics ridiculously complex that half of the elements and characters are pointless. Radiant Historia however has a well-rounded story that's willing to make fun of itself at times. The battle mechanics is set up so that strategy DO make a difference in how successful you are and all the characters have a purpose so you're willing to put the time in leveling EVERYONE up. This is a breath of fresh air in RPGs. I recommend it. Expand
  6. Jul 6, 2011
    I regret not paying attention to this game when it was released earlier this year, Radiant Historia is a gem among gaming. It is also a sure sign that the DS has more "great" releases this year than the 3ds. The story is amazing and nothing like I've ever played before. It reminds me of Chrono Trigger, but is more tactical in my opinion. The style and characters are jaw dropping, even though the graphics are only decent. The graphics work though for the system's abilities. The story is like a choose your own story, but ultimately you do have to end it the same way. The music is top notch, actually I recommend playing it with head phones. I was a little disappointed by the lack of voice acting, but the cut scenes were amazing nonetheless. The game is fairly lengthy, clocking in around 35 hours, and there are plenty of side quests. This is by far one of the best JRPG's I've played in years, and it is a must play for any DS, DS lite, or even 3ds owners. Expand
  7. May 27, 2011
    While far deeper and better done than what I've come to expect of Atlus, this game reminds me more of Xenogears or Chrono Cross than CTrigger or FFTactics.. It lacks a true polished feel from moving around, and the combat system, while gimmicky (admittedly par for the course nowadays) is at least playable and as the game progresses, increasingly enjoyable. The story is extremely slow to get started, and I found my palm on my face more than a few times wondering why I should bother to try to save this game world once it did. The characters, while strange-looking, generally lack the two dimensional quality I've been forced to endure all too often as of late in the genre, even though it takes a very long time for some of them to be fleshed out. Learning when to back off, move forward or backward in time or change story lines can be frustrating, and while sometimes you have a few leads, there were several times where I simply got lost. The ability to skip through long-winded exposition is definitely a saving grace, given the inherently repetitive nature of some parts. It's not the best ever made, but it's definitely above mediocre, and should be on the purchase list of fans of the genre. Just be patient when you're getting started. Expand

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