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  2. Negative: 6 out of 15
  1. A great little puzzle game. [Oct 2008, p.97]
  2. 69
    The most shocking thing though is that even though the game fits all the criteria of a quick job, it doesn't feel like it when you play, and that is the most important part. The premise is simple and enjoyable, the soundtrack is fantastic and the amount of content is respectable.
  3. The license might not match up, and if the developer had created it without "Red Bull BC One" being attached, I believe that more people would have been willing to check it out, but as it stands now, it's definitely enjoyable.
  4. 56
    I enjoy watching breakdancing. And I enjoy this game's core connect-the-dots mechanic. But together, they create a confusing product that doesn't have much to do with the culture or the activity of b-boy battles.
  5. Entertaining enough but high-speed dot-to-dot can only last for so long. [Nov 2008, p.84]
  6. Overall, while the connect-the-dots mechanic in this game is decent enough, I’m not really sure if it warrants an entire game based around it.
  7. Apparently, the best way to make a game about an energy drink is to make poor-man’s version of DDR using a stylus to draw lines.
  8. The game is nothing more than a poorly veiled series of connect-the-dot challenges.
  9. Red Bull BC One has very little to offer to anyone.
  10. This is really different, this is kind of strange, this isn't all that much fun - no matter how you spruce it up, connect the dots is still connect the dots.
  11. 40
    Unfortunately, you don't break dance at all. Instead, you connect dots while a blocky character on the top screen spins on his head.
  12. The graphics are awful, the hip soundtrack uninspiring and the pre-match taunting cringeworthy. [Nov 2008, p.75]
  13. Don't be fooled by the title of this game. Red Bull BC One - BC stands for Breakdance Championship - is everything but a breakdance game. Connecting dots within a timelimit isn't our idea of making badass moves. The puzzling takes so much of your attention that you don't have time to admire the dancing guy. What's stands is an outdated puzzle game with little inspiration.
  14. The kind of thing you might play as a distraction, like in a mini-game, but in this case it’s all there is. And it sucks.
  15. Instead of a timing-based rhythm game, which has worked well in the past for DS music games like Elite Beat Agents, Red Bull BC One went down the most shallow route possible. The result is an utter time-waster, with decent music that wont make you forget that you're playing a less-amusing version of kindergarten busywork.
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  1. bboy
    Dec 28, 2008
    The perfect example of exploitation in order to make a quick buck. As a bboy myself, this game is a joke and it angers me that they actually made this trash. The gameplay is a joke as all you do is connect dots. The worst thing about this game though is that it was made by a bunch of designers that have no idea about the artform. What is with the music? It's like techno beats or something. None of the music is licensed (as far as I know, hec I only played the game for 5 minutes before turning it off) and is an insult to even associate it with bboying. The other thing is the actual dancing in this game, or lack thereof. This game emphasises big moves and tricks and lacks to offer the fundamentals that make the dance, the dancing itself. The only toprock they do is the Indian step which looks like it's being done by a complete beginner. Where did they get the people who did the motion capture for the game? Or maybe they didn't get anyone hence why it looks so bad. You can't bboy without the proper music yet this game has the player joining dots while a blocky character on the top screen just does tricks, all of which look bad. There is no association between the character and the music, so where exactly does bboying fit within this game? They could have had a ballet dancer and it wouldn't make any difference to the game. This just shows that the designers are exploiting the dance in order to attract buyers with all the 'cool' tricks. This game does not deserve to be sold. If you want a bboy game, get B-Boy for the PS2/PSP. It has its faults as well but at least it had respected and known people who worked on the game to ensure it was as authentic as possible. But Red Bull BC One? What a joke Full Review »
  2. JonMaltby
    Nov 18, 2008
    A simple, fun and addictive game

    I would recommend this for all the family to enjoy, easy to start and continue to play without being
    bored, simple graphics so kids will be interested, easy game play so its not to complicated.

    And plenty to do and it comes at you thick and fast with more dots, colours and mini games! Great Game.
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  3. RossTovell
    Nov 16, 2008
    The Red Bull BC One game is a breakdancing game, aimed at younger audiences. When I first played this, I didnt think much of the graphics, as they are pretty simple looking. However having said this after a few minutes playing this, I became hooked and determined to finish the battles!

    The gameplay itself is pretty simple, yet challenging at times. In effect your just using the Nintendo stylus to join the same coloured dots together without touching any of the others. however with a clock ticking it obviously requires quick actions and quick thinking! There are also numerous mini games you'll encounter in battle, which vary the gameplay a bit.

    The only things that let the game down a little bit is the create a character mode, which lets you create yellow, or red, or other wacky coloured characters. You also get to unlock more clothes for your character as the game progresses.

    Overall, i found the game very enjoyable, even the inbetween banter between the characters is quite amusing at times (not sure if its supposed to be though).

    The game is aimed at ages 3+ so this is definately a good game for the kids and also some sneaky fun for the adults when the kids are at school :P
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