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  • Summary: SBK has all the elements you loved in Snowboard Kids 1 and 2, plus a slew of new features for a new generation of gamers. Features touch screen controls, wireless multiplayer competition, new weapons, new characters, and a souped-up sense of speed. Score mad points by obtaining items, doing tricks, and earning a high ranking for each lap! Take advantage of key areas perfect for doing the hottest tricks. By pulling off sick tricks, fill your SBK Meter and unlock special tricks unique to each character. Use money earned from any game mode to purchase new boards and other cool gear. [Atlus] Expand
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  1. Although it has annoying voices, the gameplay is top-notch and the game is just really fun to play. It also offers many unlockables and modes to keep you coming for more.
  2. Think "Mario Kart" on ice. [Jan 2006, p.108]
  3. A cheerful snowboarding game which, once mastered, provides a great deal of wintry entertainment. [Mar 2006, p.114]
  4. 62
    Snowboard Kids just doesn't have any real arcade racing balance in its main focus. The weapon aspect is simply thrown in with very little strategy for the victim or the aggressor, simply boiling these weapons down to a basic button press when they're obtained.
  5. If there had been a more expansive single-player mode, smoother animations, and a more variety of levels, Snowboard Kids DS could have been a force to be reckoned with.
  6. I do really like the unique way the game uses the touch screen for special moves, but that doesn't make up for the general sense of mediocrity that pervades Snowboard Kids. [Jan 2006, p.157]
  7. 40
    Sure, it's a bit disappointing to have another traditional game on such a non-traditional system, but it's still a fun experience. In trying so hard to make Snowboard Kids a true DS game, though, it feels like Atlus went too far in the other direction.

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