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Critic score distribution:
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  1. A surprise title that is hard to put down. It gets a bit samey later on but this is another great title aimed at the female market but worth a look for the blokes as well.
  2. 73
    SimAnimals is a solid simulation for kids. There are a lot of engaging gameplay possibilities here, the difficulty is low, and the controls are simple. The package lacks personality, but it's easy to get caught up in the day-do-day tasks of nourishing your forest.
  3. Kids who pick up SimAnimals on the DS will find it's easy to dive right into the accessible gameplay. The lack of variety in objectives and occasional controls problems might be less of an issue for these younger players who find the meat and potatoes of the game - attracting new cute animals to their forests - to be joyfully addictive.
  4. Nintendo Gamer
    Well-presented and very charming. [Apr 2009, p.72]
  5. A slow-paced but satisfying forest simulation that's good for kids, SimAnimals is a bit too simple for adult players. And while it doesn't quite fulfil its potential, but growing things is still a lot of fun.
  6. In SimAnimals you, or rather your godlike hand, will do anything you can, to assure a high standard of living to some helpless garden - and forest creatures. Unfortunately, it turns out to be almost impossible to keep track of all your animals’ needs.
  7. Nothing fancy here. A game targeting the young gamers that manages to grab their attention for while.
  8. SimAnimals has some nice features that will hold your attention for a couple of hours. It's too bad that the limited amount of areas and a lot off repeating missions take away some of the fun. In the end the feeling that they could have done a lot more with this title remains. The hand looked at all he created and saw that is was good, but far from divine.
  9. Sim Animals is dedicate to young gamers. It meet the requirements, but it lacks creativity. Few problems with the control system doesn’t affect the gaming experience, and the rhythm is not sustained (like Viva Pinata), so the player can just relax. Suitable for those who love simplicity, and don’t fear a drop of monotony.
  10. Sim Animals might be nice for kids, but fails to convince others by its lack of goals and the bad visuals.

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