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  1. 35
    So Six Flags Fun Park, while a fine idea for a game in theory, has arrived with an overwhelming number of issues that keep it from getting anywhere near achieving the potential it might have had in its first planning meetings.
  2. While Six Flags Fun Park does have a good sense of humor, with various pop-culture gags and characters spouting absurdly funny lines, that's literally the only positive thing the game has going for it.
  3. Probably one of the worst DS games I have ever played. With mini-games that border on unplayable and little-to-no variation in gameplay, there is truly no fun in this game.
  4. Visually, it's not the best-looking game on the system, and the character models are pretty disappointing, as is the art direction outside of the mini-games. I had some fun with this title, and I'd recommend renting it to see if it's your cup of tea before jumping into a purchase.
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  1. AlannaB
    Nov 20, 2008
    Not a great game, by any stretch, but I found it entertaining. The minigame controls can be a little tricky, but the games are addictive once you get them down. The balloon-popping one was my favorite! I honestly didn't think this game was as bad as the critics above seemed to think. Full Review »