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  1. The Nintendo DS version of Friend or Foe is by far the most different, but it’s also the most in line with previous Spider-Man games on its respective platform. Friend or Foe’s addition of enemies and solid coop mode make it a solid addition to the Nintendo DS’ Spider-Man lineup.
  2. A likeable, challenging and entertaining portable action game that has its share of problems but is fun enough for young Spidey fans to enjoy.
  3. I loved Spider-Man: Friend or Foe on the console and the DS version offers a fun and challenging smaller scale version of that same game with some clever touchscreen puzzle elements thrown into the mix.
  4. Slick production values and cooperative play distinguish this beat-'em-up from the rest of the pack.
  5. Although Spider-Man: Friend or Foe is not the greatest game out there, it definitely manages to be what it tries to be, a mindless romp through various levels fighting hordes of enemies while trying to reach an objective.
  6. Comprising some interesting twists on gameplay, Friend or Foe provides great co-op play but making your way through the game on your own isn't anywhere near as much fun.
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    Fans of the webslinger will be disappointed at the toned down, clunky controls. The villains turned ally premise is kind of neat, but proves to be more of a frustration than anything.
  8. 40
    This game seems to be yet another victim of "let's concentrate on making the console versions good and just crank out a portable version in order to generate a few extra bucks."
  9. All told, Spider-Man: Friend or Foe is an abomination, an abysmal excuse for a game. Virtually every aspect of this blatant grab for cash is flawed in some significant way, and the makers of this game clearly churned out a severely sub-par product in an attempt to milk the franchise name in the most reprehensible of ways.
  10. Friend or Foe attempts to give players their ultimate fantasy of controlling the legendary webslinger and his infamous villains. However, redundant gameplay and level design are hidden behind a solid presentation with great voice-work and clean graphics.
  11. Spiderman Friend or Foe contains nothing but broken gameplay and was created to make a quick buck from the ignorant consumer.
  12. Spider-Man: Friend or Foe's levels can be played cooperatively in multi-card mode, but with such boring gameplay I cannot recommend one, let alone two, purchases.

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#34 Most Shared DS Game of 2007
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  1. Jun 9, 2014
    An acceptable set of Spider-Man, is not open world, but you play with partners, both heroes as villains, a basic history, not surprisingly,An acceptable set of Spider-Man, is not open world, but you play with partners, both heroes as villains, a basic history, not surprisingly, also with a simple gameplay, you have to keep fighting the enemies coming, and sometimes it appears some mini-game, just to vary a little phases, in the end, is not such a good game as well. Full Review »