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SpongeBob Squarepants: The Yellow Avenger Image

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  • Summary: The Super Villain Twenty Year Reunion is coming to Bikini Bottom and the evil Dirty Bubble has kidnapped Mermaidman and Barnacleboy for the festivities. It's up to Mermaidman's #1 fan, SpongeBob, to save the day. Help SpongeBob use his new super powers to fight the Dirty Bubble and his legions of evildoers. SpongeBob gains superpowers! Utilize all the special powers of Mermaidman's belt: Water Ball, Raging Whirlwind, Summon Sea Creatures, Super Speed and Super Strength. Explore the massive world of SpongeBob SquarePants in a dense and richly-detailed 3D environment. Non-linear gameplay allows players multiple paths in order to complete main objectives. Touch screen- Directly interact with the controls of Mermaid Man's belt, to access new powers and abilities. [THQ] Expand
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  1. It isn’t a groundbreaking affair, however the engaging use of the touch-screen in conjunction with the solid core gameplay, gorgeous visuals, authentic presentation and storyline and a lenghty runtime earn The Yellow Avenger high praise from this reviewer and a firm recommendation to DS owners still searching for a worthwhile platformer.
  2. 77
    Developer Tantalus came up with a beautiful 3D engine to make for one of the better-looking games on DS, and publisher THQ put enough love and support into this to make it last long and stand out from the flood of rush-job platformers parents have the choice of this holiday season.
  3. Playing around with SpongeBob is a hoot, and there’s a lot to do in Bikini Bottom . However, some mini-games or other content is needed to flesh the experience out and add to the replayability.
  4. But youngsters will need help completing some tasks as it's not always clear what to do next. Boss battles can also be demanding, requiring both button bashing and touch-screen scribbling.
  5. Plays like a gameplay experiment gone wrong. [Dec 2005, p.120]
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  1. BrianM.
    Nov 11, 2005
    This game is cool. Spongebob is the man! He has super speed, super strength, and raging whirlwind. It's like wow! Blows me away man. I've never seen spongeybob like that before, that's why it was nice to play with the character in a different way. It's pretty slow though, I wish super speed would actually mean just that. Him speeding really quick, doing his thing, getting through the levels. It takes way too long to run from one place to another. Expand