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  • Summary: The Earth is under attack by a horde of Alien Brain... uh...Thingys! Humans, succumbing to ray-guns, mind-control, and shiny flying saucers, have failed to defend their planet and let it fall easily into the clutches of the Big Brain and his army of Brain Thingys. The only hope left for mankind is three Teenage Zombies that have arisen from a graveyard disturbed in the invasion. The undead trio ignores their normal human victims in favor of the pulsing pink brains they see EVERYWHERE - all the while being lured to the ultimate lunch: THE BIG BRAIN! The Big Brain soon realizes he's overlooked this "Super Race" as they inexplicably resist mind control, are unaffected by ray-gun wounds, and devour his Brain Thingy Armies like sweets! He refocuses his efforts and resources to battle the Earth's greatest champions: The Teenage Zombies! Teenage Zombies uses a whimsical style that focuses on, and parodies the Zombie genre, as well as 1950s style Science Fiction. This is presented in a comic book look featuring comic book panels, dialogue boxes and story telling. Gameplay involves side-scrolling adventures opening up to stylus mini-games, double-screen boss battles, and brain busting puzzle challenges. [Ignition] Expand
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  1. Teenage Zombies is pretty much the perfect platformer. [Spring 2008, p.52]
  2. It isn't the prettiest, longest or most challenging game out there, but if you thirst for an era of puzzles, slower pacing and an almost tangible sense of style, you'll probably like these zombies as much as I did.
  3. The premise, presentation and characters are endearing and done very well. But a lack of variety and depth in gameplay will leave most gamers wanting more.
  4. A funny and fairly entertaining challenge. [Issue#21, p.88]
  5. But the slow pacing and bad combat tarnish what otherwise might have been a portable gem. [May 2008, p.99]
  6. Like a bacon-wrapped cerebellum, Teenage Zombies is a tasty appetizer that just doesn't quite satisfy.
  7. Teenage zombies isn’t a terrible game, it’s just lazy.

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