Mixed or average reviews - based on 22 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 2 out of 22
  2. Negative: 9 out of 22
  1. It's long, and the levels and gameplay are solid throughout. [Aug 2005, p.85]
  2. 75
    A first-rate game. Don’t forget that it’s on the Nintendo DS, or your standards might be set incredibly high.
  3. Although buoyed by a nice touch-screen look system and a fine series of multiplayer options, the reality is that this theory rests on ground most shaky. [Aug 2005, p.56]
  4. The game is virtually unplayable using any of the vision modes and without them you are doomed to play the game in total darkness or not at all.
  5. Unfortunately the addition of the excellent multiplayer modes and the surprisingly well executed DS conversion aren't enough to make it a must-buy. [NGC Pocket]
  6. The console versions of the Splinter Cell series are virtually perfect. It's really hard to accept anything less regardless of what system it's on.
  7. Unfortunately, all of these [features] are dragged down by a poor frame rate and cumbersome controls. The scope of this game is certainly impressive. It's just not much fun to play.
  8. I honestly see no real reason to buy this game. Unless you only own a GCN and desperately want to play the Spies vs. Mercs minigame, then I would advise you to get the console version.
  9. 55
    There are even certain instances where you can find yourself focusing on your stealth tactics rather than struggling with the interface, and in those instances the game plays out quite well. It's just too bad those are the exception rather than the rule.
  10. A mediocre experience at best. There's a lengthy single player mode that has a lot to offer, but doesn't do anything particularly well. The controls are tedious and the graphics are slow and blocky.
  11. If you're a die hard Splinter Cell fan, you might learn to live with the shonky control system and poor quality graphics. It's not as if the game is completely unplayable, after all. However, it's not varied or involving enough for our tastes, and the ratio of frustration to enjoyment is far too high.
  12. 50
    Although far from perfect, this is still shaping up to be the best portable version of Splinter Cell to come out to date.
  13. This frustration is compounded by the choppy, stuttering frame rate of the 3D visuals, making the already convoluted controls feel twice as sluggish. Even the menu screens seem slow to respond - a sure sign that the DS is being pushed beyond its capabilities.
  14. 45
    Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory tries so much, and yet fails on so many levels. Unless you're a true fan of the franchise, we'd advise you to steer clear.
  15. A castrate of its GameCube counterpart, Splinter Cell for the DS lacks many of the levels, abilities, features, pathways, and audio enjoyed in said console version. Bungled load times and inherent slowdown (in simple menu navigation!) is completely unacceptable on such a powerful handheld.
  16. Any way you slice it, Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory is a poor game and you’d have to be Sam Fisher’s number one fan to grab this rendition of the franchise.
  17. Overall, Splinter Cell Chaos Theory for Nintendo DS is just full of problem after problem, but even without the bugs and glitches, the game is simply dull compared to its console counterparts.
  18. As a fan of stealth-action in general and the Xbox Chaos Theory in particular, playing the DS version is like reuniting with an old friend...who's gained weight, lost his hair, had his limbs chopped off, his brain sucked out, and been through one of those car-crusher things. And smells. Like cat pee.
  19. I'm being generous with the 3. That tells you how bad this is.
  20. On one hand, you have gorgeous visuals, tense action-paced music, and a hefty single player mode (8 levels which should take you around 30 minutes to an hour each). However, the other side of the coin features linear missions, sloppy controls, framerate issues and an overall buggy design.
  21. 20
    It's over-ambitious, poorly implemented control setup puts it squarely in the rank of games that tried too hard to utilize the hardware rather than offer a fun, interesting experience.
  22. While the DS is a very versatile machine that can adapt to different play mechanics thanks to its stylus and touchscreen, there are some things it obviously shouldn't attempt. This is one such thing. Avoid like a trip-wire.
User Score

Mixed or average reviews- based on 25 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 7 out of 12
  2. Negative: 4 out of 12
  1. BRyanMccann
    Oct 23, 2007
    well STFU it is so easy to tell you have a psp and are from sony! I mean jease to even say wait for it to come to the psp is just crap. most games on the psp suck. the controls would suck on the psp. what shooter game that is on the psp has done good. answer really none. the thing that kills the psp is that it only has one analog stik if you want to call it that. the Ds has lots to offer too so shut up about that. now go back to your psp and watch some MSD or what ever the formate for the movies are for that worthless system. this game is great once you get a hand on the controls and I will admet it, it looks like they tried to hard to make this game great that the graphics stink. o and to go back to STFU! the only reason I would buy a psp is because that is the only system that is coming out with more games about FFVll. that where only in japan on cell phones. that is pritty sad if that is the only reason I would get a psp. people get the DS becasue it offers a diffrent look at games hello touch screen. psp is just like everyother hand held just with more better graphics. and I also rember that many better graphic handhelds challanged the great N and fell because people really dont care about graphics and they dont like the batter life on them. sorry Meta critics for giving a leature about the psp and ds but I had to get it off my chest. Full Review »
  2. ChrisO.
    Jul 12, 2007
    Ok ive checked around then played friends game....WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE!!!??? its an awsome game! shure it took me a while to learn the controls but HA! its my favourite game portable with me wherever i g o! all those who rated low don't have enough fricken patience i mean really! come on people! have you ever played the other ones? theyre fun right? well this one is just as fun!! you who voted low...suck. Full Review »
  3. ChrisA.
    Feb 2, 2007
    This is a near perfect conversion of a great gamecube game, the one thing that lets it down is the touch screen controls, I hope this is improved in Double Agent. Full Review »