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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 43 out of 54
  2. Negative: 0 out of 54
  1. 85
    Touched! may be an incredibly brief experience, but it's still one of the top titles in the Nintendo DS library. At the very least it gives a great insight into gameplay ideas that the touchscreen and dual-screen handheld's capable of.
  2. It's a good product, overall, but its overreliance on touching means that many of the microgames have you doing the same sort of activity again and again.
  3. While the game is extremely simplistic and little more than a collection of many minigames, the action is fast-paced and addicting and should provide hours of mindless entertainment.
  4. The game may be elementary in the extreme, but sometimes the simple pleasures remain the best. [Apr 2005, p.142]
  5. 90
    Combine the simple, addictive gameplay with great use of the DS's abilities (not to mention the great songs that play during Mike, the karaoke robot's intro and spooky goth chick, Ashley's stage), and you have the best reason so far to own one of Nintendo's new systems.
  6. 90
    To date, Wario Ware Touched is the only DS game that fully utilizes the DS's unique functions and is a must have for all DS owners.
  7. Bugs aside - and indeed notwithstanding the bugs in our case - it's relentlessly entertaining and commands your attention as well as anything else on the handheld to date. We only wish it put up a bit more of a fight, and did more to take advantage of a system that once seemed purpose-built for it. [Import]
  8. Good for a weird shot of fun, or a fun shot of weird, or maybe both. It’s the kind of game that should have been available on your palm pilot five years ago (hell, it would still be a good palm pilot game).
  9. 85
    It's fun, inventive, cute, often hilarious, and occasionally heart-pounding -- nearly everything you expect a Wario title to be. It's just not especially challenging nor lengthy.
  10. 80
    It lacks the replay value of the first game, but it's the perfect tech demo for your new handheld and its off-beat humor is as strong as ever.
  11. Even when you start to get bored of playing it in long bursts, the game makes an absolutely fantastic time killer or a great distraction for those long visits to the toilet.
  12. It may be formulaic, but that formula is still one of invention, surprise and excellence. [Jan 2005, p.87; JPN Import]
  13. My only criticisms are that the NES-themed games aren't as creative as before, and the game is a bit easy. [Apr 2005, p.70]
  14. With the unique interface proving both innovative and obstructive, a bit of the original’s spark has been lost in translation. [Feb 2005, p.88]
  15. Totally addictive and innovative, and embarrassing to play in public, to boot! (Everything I like in a game.) [March 2005, p.133]
  16. Touched! has enough thrills and weirdness to keep you playing.
  17. It has quite literally everything you can think of to take advantage of the touchscreen.
  18. The brilliance of this game is tempered by its somewhat limited replay value. [Apr 2005, p.99]
  19. 80
    But my biggest problem with the game is really just the slight lack of craziness that I've come to expect from Wario Ware. I rarely laugh out loud at a game, but the original Wario Ware provided me with much humour with its general wackiness.
  20. While other games in the Wario Ware series have been packed full of micro-games and unlockables, SaWaRu falls slightly short of the lofty goals set by its predecessors. The overall number of games is smaller, and the fact that some of them are very similar serves to make the list appear even slimmer.
  21. WarioWare Touched might not have quite the same ‘awe’ factor that it had when it first debuted on the GBA but it’s fun to play and will while away the hours away from home.
  22. For a launch title, it's surprising that so much imagination has been tapped from every available feature of the Nintendo DS.
  23. Barely missed becoming the first must-have title for the DS. It is however, the best game that honestly requires the touch screen to play and the first game that really shows that the touch screen is not a gimmick.
  24. The incentive of unlocking new characters, minigames, and even the occasional collectible and interactive toy further serves to make WarioWare Touched! one of the best games on the platform. However, players who are still uncomfortable using the stylus need not apply, as using your finger is far too inaccurate for a majority of the games, and many require the touch screen in one form or another.
  25. Let's hope that next time around Nintendo adds some much needed wireless multiplayer to breathe extended life into this game.
  26. A must have for the Nintendo DS system. It is extremely addictive and once you play it you will not want to put it down.
  27. As much as this reviewer likes WarioWare: Touched!, it’s not worth the purchase price of a DS.
  28. Being too uncoordinated to dare attempt one of those arcade dancing machines, it's the first game we've played that has actually made us feel light-headed. It's also exactly what DS needed after the disappointing absence of a genuine must-have title among the US launch releases. Virtually perfect. [NGC]
  29. While it's certainly fun to play and one of the few reasons (currently) to even bother with the Nintendo DS, it just doesn't feel all that special.
  30. 85
    Perhaps this easiness stems from the fact that despite the huge number of games featured it's hard to escape from the feeling that a tad more variety would be welcome.
  31. does a fine job of taking advantage of the features only the Nintendo DS has and, mixed in with an addictive batch of games, this is probably the best DS game out there right now
  32. Perhaps the coolest part of WarioWare is that it has lots of nods to Nintendo history. There are minigames based on classic Nintendo games, like The Legend of Zelda (touch the fairies to rescue them) and Metroid (pull alien critters off of Samus), and many more.
  33. 75
    The game is far too easy for its own good and can be beaten in less than an hour (though this is something of a moot point for those who want to beat every micro-game within the game).
  34. For a system that prides itself on interactivity, WarioWare: Touched! is a notable complement. It's a shallow, inconsistent experience, though, and one I suspect will wear on you after a while.
  35. Hardcore connoisseur gamers need to stay the hell away from this game. WarioWare Touched will appeal to the young’ens, Women, and casual gamers.
  36. 90
    An utterly outstanding game. It is also one of the few games in existence where friends gleefully swipe said Nintendo DS hardware in order to play it, resulting in various skirmishes and the subsequent prising of gaming hardware from contorted, cold, dead hands. [JPN Import]
  37. 86
    You'll use the DS to its fullest capacity, with games utilising the both screens, the stylus and the microphone. But as has become the norm with the series, it is way too short.
  38. Touched shows that the new technology in the DS can add to the game’s novelty, but there needs to be some use of the standard technology as well.
  39. Its simplistic, but addictive gameplay will have you playing long after everything is unlocked. Despite a missed opportunity for multiplayer, Wario Ware Touched! beautifully shows off the potential of the Nintendo DS.
  40. The only real nit I have with WarioWare is that there is no wireless multiplayer gaming. But the dual screens make up for it.
  41. 81
    A great idea that underachieved.
  42. It's a decent game but it’s by no means the AAA title the original game was.
  43. Nintendo apparently does not fully realize the appeal of Touched! to impatient players, as each section of the game is framed by an incoherent and unnecessary cartoon.
  44. To call this game pointless would be trite, but it’s unrelentingly shallow and really nothing more than mental chewing gum. Nothing else tastes quite like it, though, and if you have any sense of fun about you, you’re bound to enjoy the goods.
  45. It sets out simply to make you laugh, and give you a fun time, and it achieves that aim completely. Our prescription is to go out and buy it now - it's another essential title for the DS.
  46. Confused? You will be, but in the most pleasurable way possible. [JPN Import]
  47. If they would have included multiplayer mode, it would be perfect. [Spring 2005, p.85]
  48. The very best DS launch title, and is practically guaranteed to keep you entertained for months. A must-have.
  49. While you may find some of the game’s extras a bit gimmicky (as I did), they still offer a great deal of creativity.
  50. A must for followers of the microgame craze.
  51. Makers of "Halo" say that in their action games they repeat the same perfect 30 seconds over and over again. Wario Ware Touched! does the same but it needs to repeat only a few perfect seconds at a time. [May 2005, p.84]
  52. With the DS's unique capabilities as the star attraction put into a single package with significant gameplay time and replayability, this is one game that should be in everybody's collection.
  53. Quite how all the features demonstrated here can work as part of a worthwhile, consistent whole remains to be seen but for now, WarioWare has exactly what DS owners were probably looking for when they bought their machine: a fresh, fun and totally unique gaming experience.
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 57 Ratings

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  2. Negative: 3 out of 28
  1. Nov 16, 2011
    It looks and plays out good and nice at first glance, but if you squint and look closer, it's so short and simple the game's not even worth 6 bucks.
  2. Jan 26, 2014
    Wario Ware Touched is one of the best in its series. I would recommend this game to everyone. This game looks like it took a long time to develop and was developed well. Full Review »