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  • Summary: You've never played vocabulary and strategy game as challenging and unique as Wordmaster! Based on the classic style of the "Mastermind" board game. Wordmaster uses your vocabulary and spelling skills to deduce hidden 6-letter words. But you'll have help-use the clues from the vocabulary guru, Master Sum Ting Wong, and follow your intuition to solve the puzzles. From spelling novice to vocabulary ace, everyone will enjoy Wordmaster. Uses the innovative and intuitive DS stylus and Touch Screen to spell out each word. Progress from Novice to Wordmaster as the difficulty increases-fewer number of guesses as you move through the ranks. Start with six mixed letters and rearrange them to spell correct words in Anagram Mode. [DSI Games] Expand
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  1. It would be nice if there were more to this game, or if a little more thought had been put into the clues and words.
  2. Nevertheless, Wordmaster is what it is and does not try to be anything more. Like its included instruction manual, it is a no-frills take on familiar concept.
  3. 58
    Zoo Games’ attempt at the casual design is flawed but not enough to be a game killer. Wordmaster has enough going for it to make it a better-than-bad word challenge, but you’ll have to push through some of the awkwardness to truly enjoy it.
  4. Wordmaster isn't a bad game, and fans of crossword puzzles, word searches, or sudoku might enjoy knocking out a few puzzles before bed. Even so, it's hard to recommend paying for something that could easily be found online for free.
  5. If you’re desperate for Wordmaster, well, this is the game to get. But there are so many better word games on the DS that this one is barely worth mentioning.
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  1. ERIKA
    Feb 5, 2009
    Not at all worth spending money on. There is very little to this game. It lacks in options and originality. The clues make little to no sense. Ex: Answer to anagram with clue "vacation" was "molest." If that isn't inappropriate enough there is another that asks for "medicine" and the answer is "Viagra." Granted I did get a good laugh out of that one I'm still rating this game as a complete failure. Expand