Advance Wars

Game Boy Advance

Universal acclaim - based on 28 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 27 out of 28
  2. Negative: 0 out of 28
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  1. From trying to unlock every CO to buying all the War Room and Vs. maps to trying to earn the best rank possible, there are enough features in this game to make three games. Advance Wars is pretty much perfect in every category.
  2. There’s no question. You must play this game, at least through the field training. It’s just so amazing.
  3. A deep, quite cartoony and consummately Japanese turn-based wargame with depth, character and replayability to burn.
  4. 100
    Handheld game or not, the depth and complexity of Advance Wars is astonishing.
  5. 100
    Its combination of easy controls, high replayability, and large depth, will keep players coming back for more for a long time to come.
  6. There is a perfect blend of simplicity and complexity that makes this game so highly addictive.
  7. One of the best aspects of Advance Wars is the sheer amount of things you can do. If you choose not to play the Campaign mode, you can still fight and earn battlefields in the War Room, or can get friends together and play multiplayer on either one GBA or link up to four GBAs at one time.
  8. 99
    Incredibly intense and amazingly addictive...especially when you learn every little nuance of the game design.
  9. Nearly flawless, Advance Wars is the most challenging, deep, and interesting handheld title available.
  10. Regardless of whether you’re an aspiring Gen. Douglas McArthur, you are going to love this game.
  11. 95
    One of the top strategy games of the year, on any platform.
  12. A simply addicting combination of the best RTS and strategy elements make for one hell of a gaming experience.
  13. netjak
    Probably one of the most in depth and well balanced strategy based games that will probably ever grace any portable system
  14. Deep and easy to learn, and it contains a level of replay rarely witnessed in handheld gaming.
  15. For a handheld, the AI of your computer-controlled opponents is surprisingly diverse and complex.
  16. It's brilliant and fun turn-based strategy with more replay value than you could possibly ask for. This isn't boring turn-based strategy where you spend 15 turns setting up your troops to fight the inevitable battle, no sir.
  17. The replay value is great and this game will last forever.
  18. Unfortunately, while Advance Wars devotes the entirety of its gameplay toward a military simulation, there is utterly no thought put towards the moral implications of armed combat. To be honest, such an aspect is not to be expected, as the subject is rarely broached in video games.
  19. Pocket Games
    Looks uninteresting at first glance, but proves to be a highly addictive title after a long learning curve. [Winter 2001, p.42]
  20. In terms of sheer depth and pure gameplay, there really is nothing else on the GBA to touch Advance Wars.
  21. 90
    Offering a perfectly balanced and finely tuned experience that proves both addictive and immersive. A very complete and attractive package, overall, and one that everyone will enjoy.
  22. A true sleeper out of left field, packed with depth, style and replay value.
  23. 90
    The character designs are awesome, the soundtrack is solid, and the controls are perfect... It strikes the right balance between pick-up-and-play and in-depth strategy.
  24. Ingeniously designed, Advance Wars manages to be both in-depth, and instantly accessible, simply because it presents the game in easily manageable chunks.
  25. GMR Magazine
    Once you get sucked in, it's hard to pull yourself away. [Feb 2003, p.97]
  26. A very polished package despite featuring just above-average strategy antics.
  27. Electronic Gaming Monthly
    I never had so much fun NOT playing a game. You see, whether you share one GBA or link several up, you don't get to do anything when it's not your turn. [Oct 2001, p.156]

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#3 Most Discussed Game Boy Advance Game of 2001
#2 Most Shared Game Boy Advance Game of 2001
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Universal acclaim- based on 105 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 97 out of 105
  2. Negative: 2 out of 105
  1. JoeT.
    Aug 14, 2007
    A highly addictive, yet extremely complex game for the GBA. This game perfectly fits the mold of 'easy to learn, hard to master'.
  2. Dec 10, 2016
    Not to say this game isn't good, because it is. I just don't think it's fair it get's all the love that it does. Why? Because nearlyNot to say this game isn't good, because it is. I just don't think it's fair it get's all the love that it does. Why? Because nearly everything is ripped straight out of Fire Emblem. People think that Fire Emblem was ripped for Advanced Wars, because AW came out in 2001, while FE came out in 2004. However, FE still came first, because FE had been running strong in Japan since 1990. Full Review »
  3. Apr 25, 2014
    WiiU owners: get it now! The game is great, simple but it works so well. Many different modes, in depth strategy. If you love the genre,WiiU owners: get it now! The game is great, simple but it works so well. Many different modes, in depth strategy. If you love the genre, you'll love this game. Full Review »