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  • Summary: Tired of endlessly doing battle with meddling bandicoots, the nefarious Dr. Neo Cortex shrinks the entire Earth, and Crash and Coco along with it, to the size of a wumpa fruit. Luckily, Coco invents a machine to reverse the effects, but she needs crystals from around the world to power it. Crash must retrieve the crystals to help return the entire planet to its natural state. Experience Crash's biggest adventure yet, with gameplay modes ranging from side-scrolling to 3D chase levels to aerial dogfight combat sequences. Battle your way through over 20 huge levels and six unique locations to defeat Cortex and save the world. Expand
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 11 out of 18
  2. Negative: 0 out of 18
  1. It's not a remake or a port of a classic game -- it's a brand-new platformer with brand-new enemies, brand-new levels to explore and brand-new bosses to fight.
  2. Fast, fun and absolutely worth owning. Multiple level types, fairly intelligent and lovingly rendered boss characters, and lots of hidden areas help flesh out this package even further.
  3. 86
    Won't wow you with anything really new, but if you want a traditional platformer done right, this is definitely one to play.
  4. 80
    A superb-looking, straightforward platformer that no interested GBA gamer should miss.
  5. But ultimately, The Huge Adventure is a fairly basic platformer that doesn't really have some of the innovation of other Game Boy Advance platformers.
  6. The bottom line is this looks, plays, and feels like the classic Crash Bandicoot games that have dominated PlayStation sales charts since 1996.
  7. Crash for the GBA is what the PS2 game wanted to be. [April 2002, p.146]

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 4 out of 6
  2. Negative: 0 out of 6
  1. MarcusL.
    May 29, 2003
    I liked the original Crash games on the PSX. I like the GBA games even better! I just hope they make more!
  2. Jan 5, 2011
    Crash Bandicoot XS is a great, well executed platformer for the Game Boy Advance. If you could imagine Crash Bandicoot 2 and 3 style game play, minus the 3D graphics (opting for a 2.5D style platformer) and the vehicle levels, this is what Crash Bandicoot XS offers to players. It doesn't do anything entirely new but at least it offers a new storyline where Cortex shrinks the Earth to a size of a Wumpa fruit (I don't know why he just doesn't crush the Earth immediately after he shrinks it but I guess everything would be over too quickly) and Crash sets out to collect 20 crystals from levels in 4 warp rooms and try to return the Earth to it's original size. The game play from previous Crash games returns with Crash going through levels avoiding enemies and pits to reach to the end of the level safely. Just like the previous Crash games, there are optional Gems (Coloured and Clear) and Relics to collect which can be used to unlock an alternative ending (just like in Crash Bandicoot 3). The powers that Crash can gain and give him new abilities like in previous Crash games are back and once again can be obtained by defeating bosses which are pretty standard and not that epic to fight and are a bit too easy and feel too familiar to past games (N.Gin is once again in one of his Mech's and Tiny bounces around the place trying to stab you with a pitch fork similar to the boss fight in Crash Bandicoot 3). The games enemy designs are mostly taken from Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back and Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped with the likes of Frogs (from Crash 3's medieval levels) and spinning Penguins (from Crash 2's Snow Levels). It would have been nice if Vicarious Visions make an effort to design new enemies and new villains rather than importing them from previous Crash games, simplifying the sprites and then putting them into this game. Even most of the music is from past Crash games but they are recreated really well using the sound capabilities of the Game Boy Advance. The sound effects aren't bad either. At least they've kept Crash's "Whoa!" sound effect whenever he dies. One thing they nailed with this game is the graphics. Despite the Game Boy Advances limitations, Vicarious Visions have created some great levels with great level design, each having a distinctive theme like the Sewer levels or the Jungle levels. The games sprites on the enemies, bosses and even Crash himself are done well, colourful and even represent the character designs from past Crash games pretty well. Crash's running animation is quite funny with his nose bobbling up and down and if you stand still for a while, Crash will whip out his Game Boy (Probably an Advance), fiddles with it for a while and then puts it away! The Jetpack levels do show off some pretty cool effects like the nicely rendered clouds and provide some decent action with Crash trying to take down Cortex's Blimps. Overall in the graphic department, Vicarious Visions has done a really good job emulating some of the levels environments found in Crash Bandicoot 2 and Crash Bandicoot 3, although the backgrounds of the levels within a specific theme (say the Space levels) all look too similar and it's hard to tell them apart except for the placement of platforms and walls to jump over. Crash Bandicoot XS doesn't really do anything new but sticks to the classic formula we have grown accustomed to in the Crash series. Vicarious Visions has basically brought the slick Crash Bandicoot platform experience to a handheld audience and crafted a great platformer for Game Boy Advance owners to enjoy. Expand
  3. Apr 30, 2011
    It's not the best platformer on the GBA (see Mario, Sonic, etc.), but The Huge Adventure is a faithful, but brand new game that fans of the series -- and maybe even newcomers -- can enjoy. Pros: Fantastic graphics for the GBA; good control; fairly witty level design; challenging gameplay; it's faithful to the PS1 games. Cons: It's a little too faithful to the PS1 games, and ultimately feels cliched; too short; some of the levels range between dull and frustrating. Expand
  4. Jan 7, 2011
    Our most favourite bandicoot makes his first debut appearance on the GBA, and what a way to start it off. If you're familiar with the Crash series, then it shouldn't be too difficult to understand the storyline, gameplay and controls. Dr Neo Cortex (Crash's main antagonist) has shrunken the world with his new Planetary Minimizer and taunts the people of Earth, much to the discomfort of Aku Aku (guardian of the Whumpa Islands). Aku Aku informs Crash and his little sister Coco of Cortex's diabolical plans, and what he plans to do with the world and instructs them to stop him before it's too late. Gameplay is pretty much the same as before, you start off in a roaming hub with four warp rooms but only the first one is available. Each warp room consists of five levels and in each level there is a hidden crystal, you need to collect five in order to open the boss portal. Once you defeat the boss you gain a new power and progress to the next warp room, repeat this pattern until you reach the very end of the game. There are also gems and relics to collect as well. Gems can be found by destroying all the crates in a level or searching in hidden areas. Relics are rewarded for completing a level in the fastest time possible. The faster you are, the better relic you achieve. Graphically the game is impressive, Crash's animation looks good for a polygonal character and so are the enemies. The colour texture and backgounds in each level are beautifully designed although there isn't as much variation, most of it is pretty much the same from start to end. The music from the console games have been remixed slightly which is really cool and the sound effects are back too. Most of Crash and the enemies noises are the same as before, and Crash's deaths still have the same comedy effect. The real problems with the game is its lack of originality and no linear or free roaming gameplay. Most of the levels are just side scrowlling 2D and it gets boring after a while. So unless you're after something new, you may want to pass this on but if you still enjoy it, then it isn't a bad platform/adventure game. Collapse
  5. Jan 3, 2013
    Great game. Crash Bandicoot: The Huge Adventure's performance is just perfect. Always high FPS. Graphics are very good, but they got improved in the next releases. Gameplay is fun, and remembers very much the original of the consoles one. If we compare it with the one of CB3, there are missing some actions, which were, then, added in CB2 - N-Tranced (still for Game Boy Advance). Graphics and performance: 7; Gameplay: 6+ (6.25); Longevity: 6- (5.75); Plot: 6. OVERALL SCORE: 6+ (6.25 out of 10 [Very good]). Expand
  6. B.S.
    Sep 18, 2002
    I'm not a crash fan and this game didn't make me one, why is it that when crash had a jet pack its so hard to aim a gun!! the graphics are great and I don't get what some of the "mans" reviews have a problem with the game. But the game dosen't offer much as to these secret moves shown in the instructions o wait ssshhhh there secret, In my day secert moves were kept well secret! Expand