Davis Cup Tennis Game Boy Advance
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  • Summary: Enter a battle among tennis legends. With 142 nations abattling to possess the Silver Trophy, the biggest war of the tennis world is about to begin! Play in the Davis CupTournament or challenge friends to fierce 2-on-2 multiplayer matches. Gain experience points for your team and pit them against your friends in multiplayer mode. Master your game on clay, carpet, and grass. Expand
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  1. 80
    Fun, but it lacks the depth and originality of "Virtua Tennis" and "Mario Tennis."
  2. With the headphones, it was an enveloping experience with plenty of challenge, and good replay value.
  3. It’s simple enough to come back to and won’t boggle you down with controls, but at the same time if you play long enough you’ll become bored.
  4. As you win matches in the four-round knockout tournament, you'll earn stats to make your team better. [Feb 2003, p.160]
  5. The game's players look great but don't play great. The lack of follow through in so many departments should urge buyers to look elsewhere for a game of tennis.
  6. 50
    Games like "Mario Tennis" and "Virtua Tennis" have risen the expectations of what should be included in a video tennis title, and the developers of Davis Cup Tennis didn't seem to do anything to keep up with the rest.
  7. Lacking in almost every way possible. Most of the fault, however, lies with the game's sloppy controls, which should be its most polished area.

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