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  • Summary: Install your car kits, head to the track, start your engines and get ready to challenge the most competitive racers on the circuit! Choose from over 45 authentic cars and race for championship gold on an amazing 32 different tracks. Upgrade your car's performance using 9 categories of upgradeable parts including the engine, suspension, aerodynamics and more. Expand
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  1. 100
    The beautiful rendering of the cars, the colorful tracks, and the responsive controls all come together in one cool, portable package.
  2. A great-looking and playing racer with one major drawback: a tedious password save system. [Feb 2003, p.97]
  3. It's true that the sixteen character password is annoying, but it's a great game nonetheless. The mixture of great graphics and gameplay make this game very enjoyable.
  4. 80
    Despite the dents, GT Advance is a solid early contender in the handheld racing championship—just be sure to drive with the lights on.
  5. The A.I. in the game varies and can either be a push over or incredibly hard. The races will be very close if you are in the top position.
  6. It's really a shame that THQ opted to adopt a password feature instead of the battery-save option, because it has added a lot of hassle to what would otherwise be a very fun game.
  7. There's one huge caveat to our recommendations. THQ, in a cost-cutting move sure to infuriate people everywhere, have removed the battery memory back-up and implemented a password system instead.

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  1. Manonamission
    Nov 9, 2005
    So much fun. I played it until i beat it and then i played all of the unlocked stuff and then i did it all again with a manual transmission. Huge replayability makes this the best realistic gba racing game. Expand