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Mixed or average reviews- based on 5 Ratings

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  • Summary: Lego Star Wars II takes the fun and customization ability of the LEGO play pattern and combines it with the epic story, characters and action from the revolutionary Star Wars: Episodes IV, V and VI. With a unique tongue-in-cheek take on the Original Trilogy, LEGO Star Wars II lets you build and battle your way through your favorite film moments. From Darth Vader's pursuit of Princess Leia aboard her Blockade Runner to Luke's final confrontation with Emperor Palpatine. For the first time ever, characters can get in and out of vehicles, as well as ride creatures. Because it's LEGO style, you can also mix and match the body parts of more than 50 playable characters to create one of millions of possible LEGO Star Wars heroes. Collapse
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  1. 80
    For a portable version of the game, Lego Star Wars for the GBA is a damn good time and there is certainly enough meat to the game to keep you coming back for more. Though I certainly lament the missing multiplayer and create-a-character modes, I can still revel in the story and that's really what counts.
  2. A good game. It is fun, humorous, and very pick-up-and-playable. But the bugginess and extremely short length of the campaign mode can push some gamer's away. Like that like girl you met in Vegas, your time spent will be short, but oh so sweet.
  3. Seeing the three original Star Wars stories play out as Lego toys is a treat, and the game is also a good action adventure in its own right.
  4. 30
    Having unlocked doors relock themselves if you move too far off-screen is kind of lame, and having a platoon of laser-firing stormtroopers materialize out of thin air around your character is really lame.
  5. So why does it suck? It should be protected by the double negative of the two licenses. Ah, but the truth is that there is a third negative at work here., that being the console-game-ported-to-handheld negative. As far as I know, that is a Triple Negative.
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