Pokemon Emerald Version Game Boy Advance
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Summary: Like previous Pokémon games, Emerald challenges you to collect, trade, and battle Pokémon. In this extension of Pokémon Ruby and Pokémon Sapphire, you must stop Team Magma and Team Aqua from expanding and taking over the world of Hoenn. Help maintain the balance by bringing your strategies and tactics onto all-new battlefields. In addition to single-player challenges, the game features multiplayer trading and battling with up to four players using a wireless adapter.
Rating: E
Official Site: http://www.nintendo.co.jp/n08/bpej/
Developer: Game Freak
Genre(s): Role-Playing
Number of Players:1-4 Players
Offline Modes:Competitive, Cooperative
Connectivity:Handheld-Console Connectivity, System Link
Cast Credit
Erik Johnson NOA Product Testing
Satoru Iwata Executive Producers
Seth McMahill English Version Coordinators
Sachiko Nakamichi Artwork
Azusa Tajima Task Managers
Junichi Masuda World Director
Junichi Masuda World Director
Junichi Masuda World Director
Junichi Masuda World Director
Ken Sugimori POKéMON Designers
Ken Sugimori POKéMON Designers
Ken Sugimori POKéMON Designers
Ken Sugimori POKéMON Designers
Shigeru Ohmori Game Designers
Shigeru Ohmori Map Designers
Takao Unno Graphic Designers
Takao Unno POKéMON Designers
Hitomi Sato Game Designers
Hitomi Sato Scenario
Hitomi Sato Scenario
Shigeki Morimoto Director
Shigeki Morimoto POKéMON Designers
Shigeki Morimoto POKéMON Designers
Shigeki Morimoto POKéMON Designers
Tetsuya Watanabe Programmers
Hisashi Sogabe Environment & Tool Programmers
Hisashi Sogabe Programmers
Hisashi Sogabe Programmers
Akito Mori Environment & Tool Programmers
Akito Mori Programmers
Atsuko Nishida POKéMON Designers
Go Ichinose Music Composition
Go Ichinose Sound Effects & POKéMON Voices
Satoshi Nohara Programmers
Satoshi Nohara Script Designers
Nob Ogasawara Translator
Yoshinori Matsuda Programmers
Keita Kagaya Programmers
Hiroyuki Nakamura Environment & Tool Programmers
Hiroyuki Nakamura Programmers
Masao Taya Programmers
Nozomu Saito Programmers
Tomomichi Ohta Programmers
Tomomichi Ohta Script Designers
Miyuki Iwasawa Programmers
Satoshi Mitsuhara Support Programmers
Morikazu Aoki Music Composition
Morikazu Aoki Sound Effects & POKéMON Voices
Souichi Yamamoto Environment & Tool Programmers
Souichi Yamamoto Programmers
Akira Kinashi Coordinators
Akira Kinashi Programmers
Akira Kinashi Programmers
Teresa Lillygren Text Editor
Tsunekaz Ishihara Executive Producers
Sakae Kimura Artwork
Hitoshi Yamagami Producers
Yuichiro Ito Programmers
Kazuki Yoshihara Coordinators
Fujiko Nomura Artwork
Hiroyuki Jinnai Producers
Shusaku Egami Task Managers
Hiroaki Tsuru Producers
Hiro Nakamura English Version Coordinators
Takeshi Kawachimaru Game Designers
Kimiko Nakamichi Environment & Tool Programmers
Kimiko Nakamichi NCL Coordinator
Teruki Murakawa Environment & Tool Programmers
Teruki Murakawa Programmers
Satoshi Tajiri Executive Director
Kenji Matsushima Game Designers
Kenji Matsushima POKéDEX Text
Kenkichi Toyama Graphic Designers
Satoshi Ohta Graphic Designers
Satoshi Ohta POKéMON Designers
Kanako Eo Graphic Designers
Kanako Eo POKéMON Designers
Tadashi Takahashi Game Designers
Akihito Tomisawa Game Designers
Akihito Tomisawa Scenario Plot
Akihito Tomisawa Scenario Plot
Teruyuki Shimoyamada Game Designers
Teruyuki Shimoyamada Parametric Designers
Teruyuki Shimoyamada Parametric Designers
Tetsuji Ohta Battle Frontier Data
Tetsuji Ohta Parametric Designers
Tetsuji Ohta Parametric Designers
Tetsuji Ohta Parametric Designers
Suguru Nakatsui Game Designers
Suguru Nakatsui Map Designers
Toshinobu Matsumiya Scenario
Motofumi Fujiwara Graphic Designers
Motofumi Fujiwara POKéMON Designers
Motofumi Fujiwara POKéMON Designers
Hironobu Yoshida Graphic Designers
Hironobu Yoshida POKéMON Designers
Rena Yoshikawa POKéMON Designers
Jun Okutani POKéMON Designers
Asuka Iwashita Graphic Designers
Asuka Iwashita POKéMON Designers
Aimi Tomita Graphic Designers
Aimi Tomita POKéMON Designers
Muneo Saito POKéMON Designers
Yuri Sakurai Information Supervisors
Naoko Yanase Information Supervisors
Takenori Ohta Programmers
Koji Nishino Game Designers
Koji Nishino Scenario Plot
Koji Nishino Scenario Plot
Kazuyuki Terada Information Supervisors
Gakuji Nomoto Producers
Mika Kurosawa NOA Product Testing
Sosuke Tamada Environment & Tool Programmers
Sosuke Tamada Programmers
Daisuke Hoshino Support Programmers
NCL Super Mario Club NCL Product Testing
Yumi Funasaka Information Supervisors
Hideyuki Nakajima Artwork
Hidenori Saeki Artwork
Yoko Watanabe Artwork
Chiaki Shinkai Artwork
Retsuji Nomoto Coordinators
Thomas Hertzog NOA Product Testing
National Federation of the Blind Braille Code Check
Patricia A. Maurer Braille Code Check
Japan Braille Library Braille Code Check
European Blind Union Braille Code Check
Australian Braille Authority Braille Code Check
Royal New Zealand Federation for the Blind Braille Code Check
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