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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 14 out of 25
  2. Negative: 0 out of 25
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  1. The game has an innovative use of time travel that doesn't include a cat with a vacuum cleaner or a hard drive to enjoy.
  2. Nintendo Power
    Acrobatic moves and inventive traps have never been as free-flowing as they are in Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. [Feb 2004, p.151]
  3. An excellent title on the GBA and still withstands the test of repetitiveness while offering plenty of addictions.
  4. Pocket Games
    Has something for everyone, from hardcore gamers to players picking up their first GBA. [Spring 2004, p.33]
  5. Gameplay mechanics are in place and polished to a smooth experience, and the game belongs in some handheld art museum. Simply gorgeous.
  6. 85
    Some may be put off by the fact that you have to control two characters within the realm of the game, but I found it to provide an interesting challenge which only made the puzzles and the overall game that much more pleasurable.
  7. The game plays almost exactly like the Apple II original, albeit with many improvements, and the frustration involved is just as high. [Dec 2003, p.185]
  8. The difficulty is also right on point- not easy enough to blow straight through it, but not hard enough to frustrate anyone.
  9. One of the best side-scrollers of the season. It moves at a quick, mostly-steady pace that never causes boredom.
  10. 80
    It can be tedious to baby-sit both characters, but the game otherwise guarantees hours of enjoyment, even if it’s only to jump and flip around.
  11. If you enjoy beautiful, fluid, entertaining adventures, then this is your chance to take part in one.
  12. 75
    The ability to play as both the Prince and Farah is an interesting addition, but in practice it devolves into standard "you stand on this switch and I'll stand on this one" gameplay. The resulting balance leaves the replay value quickly sucked dry once you've had your fill of the game.
  13. The time control aspects are quite innovative and bring variety to the game. The adventure and trap dodging are wonderful and challenging.
  14. The charm of this port is its similarities to the original game, the great animation and the challenging levels, which I have to say are nicely designed.
  15. There is also the added value of new levels, gameplay enhancements, and even a complete buried game locked away waiting for you to connect the GBA and GameCube versions.
  16. The GBA version of The Sands of Time is much more of a straightforward action platformer... lacks any major wow factor.
  17. Between the character-switching with Farah and the unique ability to rewind time, there's enough new stuff here to keep you at least mildly entertained even if you've beaten all of the GBA Castlevanias and their ilk.
  18. Setting my disappointment over its distance from the original Prince of Persia design aside, The Sands of Time on the Game Boy Advance is a rather accomplished and quite extensive platform-puzzler, with some fabulous level design and genuinely considered presentation.
  19. 70
    The thought of an enhanced version of this game with new time-based elements was extremely exciting, but unfortunately the GBA team took the idea in a far more action-based direction than the careful puzzle design of the original.
  20. The controls in the game are very responsive and are very tight.
  21. 70
    Its general lack of lasting appeal and minor flaws are counterbalanced with slick controls, a challenging level of difficulty, and some out-of-the-ordinary gameplay mechanics.
  22. The core game play didn't really strike me as anything too special. Running and jumping, endlessly swinging my dagger in levels that could use some better design, eventually got on my nerves.
  23. A fine 2D platformer, but a rather undistinguished and disposable specimen.
  24. It’s not nearly as inspired, polished, or compelling as the home versions.
  25. Cheat Code Central
    Just an excuse to implement a gimmicky feature that is undoubtedly fun, but not fun enough to warrant a complete game devoted to it.

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#61 Most Discussed Game Boy Advance Game of 2003
#25 Most Shared Game Boy Advance Game of 2003
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  1. GerardH.
    Apr 25, 2004
    It's a nice game when you're on the go and the gameplay is OK too, but there is no real thrill since the AI sucks and the levels It's a nice game when you're on the go and the gameplay is OK too, but there is no real thrill since the AI sucks and the levels all look alike. Full Review »
  2. BenN.
    Dec 1, 2003
    Mad, mad game.
  3. KrisN.
    Nov 1, 2003
    Quite different from the careful movements and slow controls of the original prince of persia, this remake is a blazing-fast platformer that Quite different from the careful movements and slow controls of the original prince of persia, this remake is a blazing-fast platformer that plays like the classic SNES Aladdin (now available for GBA) with shades of Castlevania: Symphony's RPG and adventure elements. While it feels and plays great, it's pretty generic, with elements from the Big Console version of the game, like rewinding time and extracting sand from enemies, feeling somewhat tacked-on. The game is very fun for the first hour or so, but gets somewhat monotonous, an excersize in run-jump-slash trap. All in all, this is an above-average platformer, but a Prince that falls short of its original Ancestor in terms of innovation and design. If you're a fan of smooth-as-silk platformers, take this one for a spin! Full Review »