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  • Summary: Sonic is back to save the world! The evil Dr. Eggman is at it again, with a brand new scheme to trip up Sonic and his pals. Maneuver your way through obstacles, puzzles and traps to collect the chaos emeralds and defeat the vile Dr. Eggman before it's too late!
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  1. What really shines, even on top of the great graphics and sound and gameplay, is the replay value.
  2. 100
    The best Sonic game released since "Sonic CD."
  3. Despite the 12 years since his debut, it's as captivating, exciting and, more importantly, as fun as it ever was - but of Sega, we'd expect no less. [GamesMaster]
  4. 88
    Everything that a side-scrolling platform loving fan could ask for. It's got all the great, tried and true, fast-paced Sonic action of the old Genesis series, looks fine, plays excellently, and offers some fun multiplayer action.
  5. This game is packed with extras and most importantly, actually allows you to play as Sonic through the entire game, something sorely lacking from the Sonic Adventure series.
  6. 80
    A simple, tried-and-true blast from the past, faithfully recapturing the ’hog’s legacy and reigning in just enough characters and elements from the “new” to satiate anyone craving more from their marsupials than just movin’ to the right at really high speeds.
  7. This game managed to do something its 3-D counterparts never could: catch my interest and hold on to it. I spent a lot of time simply looking around each level, experimenting with each character and attempting to find the various chao emeralds.

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  1. Apr 20, 2011
    Let's see. Classic Physics? Check. Long, platforming-challenging levels? Check? Result. The closest thing to a classic Sonic game since Sonic 3&K. It has beautiful graphics and fluid gameplay.

    However, it does have problems that keep it from being perfect. There are a few moments where there are cheap bottomless pits. It's good to have four playable characters, but some of them don't do anything to improve the replay value of the game. I always use Tails to find the special stage springs, but that's pretty much it. Knuckles doesn't have walls or routes specified for him, and Amy is COMPLETELY WORTHLESS. Also, the special stages aren't anything special.

    Still, awesome game for awesome GBA fanatics.
  2. Nov 23, 2013
    I've recently replayed through this game boy classic. It's still just as enjoyable now than it was before. With a more classic style, this Sonic game brings 2-D Sonic back on the Game Boy Advance.

    The levels are all enjoyable, but most not beyond the classics. There are also different characters (Tails, Amy, Knuckles), which allows you to tackle each zone in a different fashion, though most will just stick to Sonic. The zones are quite large, with the chaos emeralds being buried in obscure areas of the zone. If you want to see the games best ending, you'll find them all to unlock the Super Sonic Stage.

    The music is standard stuff for Sonic. There's nothing that's really as special as the classic games though in regards to music.

    Probably the most memorable part though is the first stage of the 6th zone, which was kind of a first for Sonic and hasn't been done in such a way again. Rather than trying to beat the zone as fast as possible, you're trying to beat the clock and it's a great challenge. The zone is massive and full of setbacks to make sure you don't make it, and it's one of my favorite Sonic zones of all time. None of the acts really excite me as much as this one does.

    The game is prone to Sonic's most annoying issues though with enemies that await while you're running, giving you no time to respond, and there are a few cheap traps thrown in, but otherwise, it's a standard 2-D Sonic experience with one zone in particular being one of my favorites.
  3. May 1, 2011
    Even if it's a bit formulaic, Sonic Advance is one of the funnest Sonic titles since Sonic CD. Pros: Rich, colorful graphics; basic controls; it's fast, but easy to learn; fairly decent multi-player mode. Cons: Regardless of the control's will to run faster and never stop, a lot of the levels were designed to refrain you. Expand
  4. Dec 15, 2013
    I find it weird how DIMPS could pull of classic Sonic style physics on the GBA with the Sonic Advance trilogy and on the Neo Geo Pocket Colour with Sonic Pocket Adventure, but can't get it right with Sonic 4, anyway. Sonic Advance is a fantastic game, and in my opinion, the real Sonic 4, it has classic Sonic style physics, multiple characters that play similarly with their own unique abilities, a fantastic soundtrack, great graphics, and overall fun gameplay, all of which, for the most part, Sonic 4 lacks. I recommend both Sonic Advance and Sonic Pocket Adventure if you have both a GBA and a Neo Geo Pocket Colour. Expand
  5. Jun 18, 2012
    Sonic Advance is a great title that places more focus on precision platforming and less focus on the speedier elements of Sonic's gameplay. It feels nicely old-school as a result and comes the closest to the original trilogy of the more recent 2D games. There are a few annoying faults that restrain it from true classic status, though. These would be the game's cruel placement of spikes (usually waiting at the end of an 'autopilot' ramp jump) and the way that the enemies always fire their projectiles either while they're off screen or as soon as they appear on it. Basically speaking, both those obstacles are neigh on impossible to avoid, ninja reflexes notwithstanding. The final boss also deserves a mention for being a huge disappointment, requiring more luck than skill. Sonic Advance is a great game in the franchise but it doesn't quite rank up there among the best. Expand
  6. Jan 7, 2013
    Sonic Advance is the first game in the Sonic Advance series and, ironically, is for the most part better than the two sequels that followed it. The first Sonic Advance doesn't contain poorly implemented team gimmicks and brokenly convoluted level designs from Sonic Advanced 3, nor does it have the hurling a million miles an hour through bland empty levels filled with cheaply placed bottomless pits and obnoxious enemy placement from Sonic Advance 2. Sonic Advanced instead borrows from the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive Sonic trilogy game roots for inspiration. There is a nice balance between platforming segments and speedy segments in all of the levels, going out of your way to slow down and explore your surroundings is rewarded with new routes, unique springs that lead to Special Stages and various kinds of power-ups. the boss battles are very creative and are a decently difficult without feeling too cheap. There are multiple playable characters each with unique controls and abilities to make the experience playing with each character different. The level design is kind of both good and bad, although it does borrow amazing concepts from the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive Sonic trilogy, it kind of plays too safe for the most part leading to only very few truly new objects or concepts to explore, another problem is that the level design from the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive Sonic trilogy is designed for a larger screen resolution and when converted to the screen resolution of the Gameboy Advance, doesn't work as well as it could have unless you where able to see farther ahead of yourself and therefore more of your surroundings, it would make enemies and traps like spikes much easier to avoid due to more visibility giving the player more reaction time. The music is decent with both classic sonic music from the Genesis/Mega Drive games and music completely original to this game both coexisting, and doing a pretty decent job at it. For those that like other things to do, you have a Mini Chao Garden, Time Trials and a Multiplayer VS mode to mess around with. overall, the game is decent and a nice tribute to the classic games in the series of old from the early 1990s, it has it flaws, sure but it is a fun game that is easily superior to the absolute wrecks that where the two sequels, Sonic Advance 2 and Sonic Advance 3. Expand
  7. Oct 7, 2012
    No platforming what so ever. THis game features four characters to play as and the only interesting one in Amy Why is there no platforming. This game basically took everything cool about Sonic and took it away Expand

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