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  • Summary: When you're playing an action game, the last thing you want to do is to stand around regaining stamina while there are still aliens left to fight.
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  1. 73
    Manages to maintain an impressive level of graphical detail, particularly in the enemy models and background environments.
  2. The story line actually holds your attention and with three different difficulty settings, the gameplay will suit anyone's needs.
  3. Star Wars: Episode II: The New Droid Army had a lot of potential. Unfortunately, the developers have managed to spill most of it, leaving this game only a little better than mediocre.
  4. The fast-paced combat is only marred by rather tedious and simplistic level objectives, but after seeing how bad a licensed game like this can get, the developers should be congratulated for delivering a game that looks, sounds, and plays better than most typical releases on the platform.
  5. Decent for casual players or die-hard fans of "Star Wars," but not for someone looking for deep gameplay. [Spring 2003, p.39]
  6. 60
    Droid Army's one-note gameplay includes fierce button tapping broken up by stretches of aimless wandering; the vague missions ("make your way to X") don't help.
  7. The game is as mundane as they come and chock full of bugs.

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