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  1. Wade Hixton is simple game, only flawed in that we would have liked to see so much more of it. However, for $20, it's hard to find a game that is as worthwhile as Wade Hixton. This truly is re-mastered classic gaming entertainment.
  2. Has just the right balance of easy controls, tough opponents, and hilarious visuals. It's also bargain-priced, which is a plus. [Summer 2004, p.44]
  3. 85
    Though the fights do lack in variety and the number of boxes is kept at a minimum, the overall style and presentation of the game more than makes up for it.
  4. When considering the $20 price tag, the game length issue can easily be ignored because Counter Punch is great boxing fun.
  5. Between fights, you'll purchase moves and info about opponents' weaknesses. [Feb 2004, p.155]
  6. By far the best "Punch-Out" clone to ever grace the gaming world, but it’s certainly not perfect. It lacks the classic charm and replay value of "Punch-Out" and "Super Punch-Out," but that doesn’t mean it’s completely devoid of these qualities.
  7. 80
    An absolute blast as long as it lasts, and its bargain pricepoint set by the publisher shouldn't scare anyone away: it's a steal at 20 bucks.
  8. The game's incredible visuals and sound, its offbeat sense of humor, and, most importantly, its legitimate affection toward one of the greatest boxing franchises ever made truly make it a game worth playing for anyone who has loved and appreciated the Punch-Out!! series.
  9. An original work that is a very solid good game on a whole and defintely worth playing for all of the Punch-Out!! fans out there and fans of the genre.
  10. It's not often these days that a developer treats the GBA not as an afterthought, but gives us a title that's solidly entertaining. [May 2004, p.108]
  11. Despite blinding us with pretty visuals and spot-on gameplay, there was always a nagging feeling that Inferno couldn't keep it up for long. And we were right … there's nothing to stop you tearing through this in a couple of hours. [May 2004, p.114]
  12. An arcade-style game that really hits the mark. It doesn't attempt to give you all the bells and whistles but what it does give you is quality entertainment. For the best value, make sure you rent it first.
  13. 68
    Wade's too easy to figure out, and it just doesn't have the staying power to be able to go toe-to-toe with the best of all time. It has the feel of the champ, but just doesn't have the heart of a champion.
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  1. DaveM.
    Jul 22, 2004
    Just a fun game to play. You won't break any brainsweats, but you'll have a heckuva time beating the wacky characters you come up against. Irreverent and imaginative. Full Review »
  2. TONYG.
    Jan 23, 2004
    This game blows away the original punch out and super punch-out!! cell shading graphics for the gba, is amazing. you have to see this game in action, it is fast as lightning!!! and extremely responsive. this all i play now. most people wont get this game till march, i am one of the lucky guys who has a friend that works for dest software, and got me a copy of this game. i promise when this game finally does come out, you will love it. thats if you loved any of the punch out titles for nintendo. you will be amazed on how the gba can handle such a game as this. no slowdown, no collision detection problems, no freezing up, no bullsh.t! super super fun., and thats what games are supposed to be right!?!?!?! there will definitly be follow ups to this game on the gba, and definitely all platforms. ding ding ding!!! we have a winner!!! Full Review »