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Army Men: Air Combat - The Elite Missions Image

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  • Summary: Plastro, the evil leader of the Tan Army, has enlisted the help of the villainous Tan Air Ace, Baron Von Beige, to help him set a trap for Captain William Blade!
    The Alpha Wolf Squadron once again "takes to the skies" with an onslaught of missions, incredible helicopter physics,
    deep gameplay, stunning cinematics and exciting character interaction. Join the Air Cavalry as they face a host of challenging foes in their efforts to stop the General's evil plans. Expand
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  1. The variety of features and solid game play add up to a satisfying experience. [Mar 2003, p.136]
  2. The controls are a bit clumsy, and the overall game just isn’t much fun. Maneuverability isn’t as good as it should be in a helicopter, making the chopper an easy target for enemy soldiers. Not much fun at all.
  3. The textures are so low-res they will give you a headache. The two-player mode is even worse as it compresses the graphics into two halves to facilitate a vertical split screen making everything distorted and elongated, it's like sitting at the front of a Drive-Inn movie screen.
  4. 35
    Very simple, very raw, very ugly, and ultimately not a lot of fun. It's a shameless attempt to quickly cash-in on a new market -- nothing more.
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