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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 16 out of 31
  2. Negative: 0 out of 31
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  1. You won't find a better first-person shooter on the Nintendo GameCube. In fact, it's the best first-person shooter in a World War II setting this generation. Is this surprising? With the use of the original Call of Duty's play mechanics and amazing production values across the board, it shouldn't be.
  2. One thing Call of Duty: Finest Hour manages to do with success is take everything from graphics to sound, from music to gameplay; and toss it all into one big can of whoop-ass and make a great game.
  3. plays like your favorite World War II movies come to life. You'll relive parts of "Enemies At The Gate", "Day After Tomorrow", with hints of "Saving Private Ryan."
  4. But for a challenge that won't be one-upped, top-quality sound and graphics and a serious, reserved tone that does honor to the people who didn't have a choice to just play the video game version, pick up Call of Duty: Finest Hour as soon as you are able. You won't be disappointed.
  5. Play Magazine
    I love the urgency of a slow-to-load rifle, the way your fumbling and learned cadence strikes a unique tension in the shootouts; too bad the clumsy grenades aren't nearly as much fun. [Jan 2005, p.60]
  6. Game Informer
    Much like the PC Call of Duty (which I should note is a completely different game), this console title features a brilliant targetting mechanism that allows players to zoom in and aim down the sight of the firearm. [Jan 2005, p.115]
  7. 85
    The single-player game is short, yes, but it's incredibly epic (in the cinematic definition of the term), and multiplayer should keep you playing long after the main campaign is over.
  8. Unfortunately, the Gamecube version of the game does not include any online multiplayer support. Spark Unlimited did not balance this exclusion with any multiplayer split-screen modes or even a multiplayer co-op campaign.
  9. Electronic Gaming Monthly
    Even though gameplay is pretty much the opposite of innovation (with the exception of the multiple characters, and more chances to drive a tank compared to the PC version), the presentation is second to none. [Jan 2005, p.124]
  10. 80
    The best WWII shooter currently available on a console. It's rich with historical details, colorful characters, and interesting locales, and you'll find yourself immersed in the intense combat sequences.
  11. A wild ride through some of mankind's most violent episodes holds its own against the orginal PC masterpiece.
  12. The character models won't win any awards, but the terrain and weapons alone make sure that you won't mistake the environment for the present. Buildings, tanks and embankments are all very well done. There is a noticeable downgrade, however, with the Gamecube version which was a surprise.
  13. Going into and out of some of WWII's most intense battles will keep you coming back for more. If you can get by the average graphics and a couple of A.I. wobbles you'll have a great time playing this game.
  14. Now, when I talk about how Call of Duty is "Halo" in World War II, all the similarities are there. You can only hold two weapons at a time, along with grenades; health seems to be damn near endless.
  15. The action can sometimes be too scripted and some levels lack that intensity of the PC original, but we're still looking at a fun time at the frontlines.
  16. With the exception of the very first level (the Battle of Stalingrad) you hardly get the sense of urgency that you should feel while playing this game.
  17. Nintendo Power
    If you're looking for something new and different, turn elsewhere, but if you just want to plug some Nazis, this game fits the bill nicely. [Jan 2005, p.136]
  18. The amount of immersion the atmospheric setting gives you is almost unrivaled. If you've played the PC version, however, it's going to feel dated and somewhat mediocre in comparison.
  19. AceGamez
    With the lovely graphics comes lovely sound. In every respect the sound flatters the graphical side of things.
  20. 70
    Finest Hour has been "consolized" and turned from a somewhat challenging and often intense PC first-person shooter into a bland, run-and-gun console pop-gun game.
  21. A WWII game with nice moments and a good storyline; but as a game it fails on a number of points and its distinct lack of innovation makes it hard to recommend to anyone but fans of the genre.
  22. A lack of checkpoints, imperfect weapon design and control along with a lack of a story that players will care for makes this the low point for the impressive franchise.
  23. With everything but the sound category being wholly mediocre and disappointing (especially for players of the first Call of Duty), Finest Hour is just another sub-par release.
  24. Pelit (Finland)
    Too linear and short, but it has a nice atmosphere to it and many enjoyable missions. Poor graphics and moronic companions detract from the experience, though. [Jan. 05]
  25. 70
    There's an awful lot of linear, shooting-gallery tedium you have to plod through to get to the good stuff.
  26. A solid game that unfortunately doesn't quite live up its PC counterpart.
  27. Had the feel of the weapons been a little better, and had the campaign been more consistently intense, Finest Hour could have been a much better game.
  28. The grand, over-the-top nature means when Call Of Duty does go right, little can match it. Sadly, these moments don't happen often enough to sustain any enjoyment and being funnelled through the same linear missions over and over again is like watching the same chapter of a "Saving Private Ryan" DVD on repeat.
  29. games(TM)
    The atmosphere is electric, the sense of making tiny in-roads to solve a great problem as satisfying as it is frustrating... Spark never allows you to forget that outside the restrictive confines of the first-person viewpoint there's a much, much bigger fight going on involving thousands of men. [Jan 2005, p.110]
  30. It does approach greatness on a few occasions, and the intensity of some of the battles will certainly give you an adrenaline boost that the majority of first-person shooters cannot. However, the great number of irritating flaws and the lack of a multiplayer mode will ultimately hurt your enjoyment of the game.
  31. 60
    With so many inconsistencies, Finest Hour just doesn't live up to its PC forefather. Alone on the consoles, this is one World War II moment that's better rented than bought.

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  1. Derek
    Dec 26, 2006
    Though it's short, Call of Duty's realistic in-the-war feel and sheer challenge will appeal to WWII fans and veterans. So, what is Though it's short, Call of Duty's realistic in-the-war feel and sheer challenge will appeal to WWII fans and veterans. So, what is Call of Duty? Call of Duty is a game based on World War 2. What do you do in the game? The gameplay is very fun. You can use plenty of weapons which are all different, but equal. You can snipe, man turrets, search buildings, crouch, aim, jump. But the presentation ties it together nicely. Sometimes you may get stuck due to lousy instruction, but most of the time, you should be on key. How hard is this game? You can play on 3 different difficulties. Easy. Medium. Hard. Even on easy, the game can get somewhat difficult. The challenge is what keeps the player playing this game and it doesn't frustrate you like in other games. How are the graphics? Amazing. They aren't that high def, but the graphics create surroundings that make it feel like you are actually in the war. And that is what seperates it from most games. How is the sound? Great. It uses Dolby Pro Logic II. Everything on key. Without sound, it wouldn't be a war. How long is it? Short, I admit. It is only a couple hours long. But it's difficulty and fun gameplay will leave you coming back for more. Too bad Gamecube didn't give this online play. Any unlockables? Some cheats. Movies. Photos. The small stuff. Who do you reccomend owning the game? WWII veterans who want to look back at the wars. FPS fans who want a tense experience. War/weapon fanatics. Pros: Realistic in-the-war presentation ; enjoyable gameplay ; plenty of weapons to choose from and use ; Challenging game. Cons: Slow motion moments are annoying ; No multiplayer or online play ; Short single player. Full Review »
  2. DJ
    Feb 10, 2005
    Soooo disappointed with this title. After all the reviews, I thought it'd be a solid shooter. It's weak. terrible play control - no Soooo disappointed with this title. After all the reviews, I thought it'd be a solid shooter. It's weak. terrible play control - no real feel when you are shooting at enemies. Why can't enemies just fall down and die? they flop around for 2 seconds making you waste more ammo on them. Nintendo can do better. Full Review »
  3. BrandonJ.
    Jan 22, 2005
    The best console shooter ever! Perfect in every way!