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Generally unfavorable reviews- based on 17 Ratings

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  • Summary: Join Natalie, Dylan, and Alex for an intense adventure based on the Charlie's Angels movies. You'll need various disguises, clever tactics, and acrobatic martial arts moves to ensure a successful mission. Master the different styles of all three Angels as you battle 32 different types of enemies across the globe. You can switch between characters at anytime during the game. Charlie's Angel's movie stars--Cameron Diaz, Lucy Liu, Drew Barrymore, and Bernie Mac--supply the voices. Expand
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  1. 40
    This game is, simply, bad, in just about every way, from the uncomplicated, dated control system to the limited play boundaries surrounded by invisible walls, the poor camera, and unsatisfying play mechanics and the sometimes-disturbing graphics.
  2. 35
    The controls are horrendous, relying on an uncontrollable camera angle that seems to mostly face the wrong way in a 3D game. The end result is that you won’t know what you are up against or where you are headed until it’s too late.
  3. Okay, I will admit that I did have some fun with Charlie’s Angels as I am a sucker for beat-em-up titles. The game is shoddily put together, graphically ugly, and sometimes difficult to play because of game mechanics and cheap AI.
  4. 20
    Abysmal in every way. The only possible reason there could be for purchasing it is to give as a present to a particularly hated relative - but that might be considered a little harsh.
  5. 20
    While Charlie's Angels is a horrifically terrible experience, at least it's extremely short. What seems like a decade of isolation and cruelty is more like two and a half hours.
  6. Visually the game just plain blows. The fighting animations are right out of Fighter Maker Light - with stiff looking movement and only a couple of different punches and kicks - although it's widely advertised that each Angel has her own distinct "fighting style". They don't.
  7. 0
    Extremely easy, even on the hard difficulty, and can be beaten in around three to four hours. That is, of course, if you can stand the insipid story, script and overall delivery of the game. Fighting your way through dumb-as-dirt enemies only to find a switch, computer, or really long ladder climb as your goal does not a good game make.

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  1. Feb 18, 2013
    I never really played this game but if I ever do play it I think I might like it, because I really like beat em' up games. It seems like there is always something happening in this game, because you are fighting wave after wave of enemies. Expand

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