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  1. A dull and largely forgettable experience, which, considering the quality of the previous three Digimon World games, really shouldn't be too big of a surprise to anyone.
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  1. Aug 20, 2016
    Where to start... first off, the graphics are bad. Like, BAD. Very low amount of detail in the environment ; it's all bland, generic andWhere to start... first off, the graphics are bad. Like, BAD. Very low amount of detail in the environment ; it's all bland, generic and repetitive. Poor and boring color palette. The level design is also very boring and consists solely of corridors where Digimon spawn. And boy, do they spawn. You'll fight hordes of the same enemies over and over again. The combat is repetitive and mind-numbingly dumb. All you do is press A. Again, again, again, again, again and again. Through a confusing and poorly designed user interface, it's possible to switch weapons, although what you can switch to is limited by what you have registered to your Digimon, which has to be manually changed in the starting area... yep, you can't equip a weapon found until you leave the mission area. Which does not make a big difference anyway since all weapons only have one attack animation. There's no combo or anything to make combat interesting so all weapons virtually feel the same. One swing, rinse and repeat... You can block, sure, but enemy attacks are so fast they feel like they come out of nowhere, so you just don't bother blocking because you'd need stupid high reflexes no one has. Also, there's always a minimum of 3 enemy Digimon pounding away at you, so good luck blocking anything. To add even more frustration, you can't hold up your shield. The Digimon lowers his stance half a second later... there's also a spinning move that has virtually no reach whatsoever so you usually just end up getting whacked mid-animation, you can also charge up an attack to send your 'mon flying through packs of enemies, but... again, you usually just get hit and canceled out of it by whatever horde you're dealing with. Which, in the end, leaves you no other choice than pressing A over and over again and just hoping you don't get hit too much. It's incredibly boring and repetitive.

    Enemy bosses also have incredibly low AI and can all be easily cheesed and rendered harmless using ranged weaponry. Not like you have a choice, though. Going melee just means you'll be spammed by instant attacks that cause massive, completely unbalanced damage. If this is your idea of "fun" then be my guess...

    The story is also non-existent, generic and boring. You're a "Digital Guard" sent to save the world!... or something like that. There's a vague story about a virus infecting the digital world (totally didn't see that coming!....) but it's poorly used and poorly implemented. Story elements are just button prompts that lead to more mindless slaughtering inside mindless corridors through mindless combat. Music is also barely existent and pretty much forgettable. No melodies to speak of, boring and generic "epic" sound through the first level, coupled with what I consider elevator music later on...

    The game world is also confusing and hard to navigate, even with a map... like, they'll tell you "Save that Digimon!" but you never really know where you're supposed to go so you end up walking in circles and backtracking a lot... did I mention the user interface is horribly, horribly designed? Meh... all in all, a very boring and repetitive game. I'd say its sole redeeming factor is the ability to play co-op with up to 4 players.
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  2. JamesR.
    Jul 12, 2006
    fun, long game, with few frustrations. an excellent multiplayer game as well.
  3. JoeyG.
    Jun 17, 2006
    This game is one of the best I have ever plaied keep on maken fun digigmon games.