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  1. It's nice to see an effective clinch control enter the mix, and it's even better that clinches can be shrugged off or avoided altogether, preventing the move from being an automatic fail-safe.
  2. While the punches lack the power experienced in last years game, EA makes up for it with its innovative total control configuration.
  3. Another nice addition is the "woozy" camera angles that appear when you or an opponent is nearly knocked down. It's a small touch, but a very dramatic one. [March 2005, p.115]
  4. 90
    The most striking change is in the innovative control scheme--where you use the right analog stick to throw jabs, hooks, and uppercuts--which has now been slightly altered to enable you to fight more like a professional pug in the ring.
  5. It easily beats out former champ, "Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots," for Boxing Game of the Millennium.
  6. Visually Fight Night Round 2 is simply stunning.
  7. The inclusion of the cutman mini-game between rounds is a great addition, and the Haymaker provides a phenomenal sense of drama with punches that can knock boxers out at any time. I personally can't wait to see next year's version.
  8. 100
    Round 2 has the substance to back it up its sense of style. The analog control has been refined to the point where it's more responsive and more satisfying than mashing buttons and the new facial and body animations bring a level of authenticity to the ring that's simply never been accomplished before.
  9. EA Chicago should be proud. It doesn't get much better than this. [Apr 2005, p.77]
  10. With the introduction of clinching, the innovative punch system, the deep tournament and career options, the graphics and realism, the improved presentation, and most of all, the obvious love of boxing infused into the game, Fight Night Round 2 is the best representation of the "sweet science" that gaming has ever seen.
  11. Depth is a rarity in sports games with an enjoyable single player mode even rarer but Fight Night Round 2 has managed to come up with both.
  12. Although I will admit Fight Night Round 2 leaves plenty of room improvement, it still is an amazing game on its own merits.
  13. Remove every frill and dump the gorgeous 3D graphics for barely animated stick figures and Fight Night Round 2 would still be a classic. [June 2005, p.89]
  14. 91
    Not only gorgeous, but is also one of the most realistic sports games to date.
  15. The gameplay is stellar, something that is only made better by the kick-ass graphics.
  16. 90
    The entire SNES-era "Super Punch-Out!!," one of the greatest boxing games of all times, is hidden on the disc. All hail the mighty Bald Bull!
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  1. HanifM.
    Oct 18, 2007
    This game owns,its the tightest most sophistecated boxing game to date even 2004 can't top this. the career mode is deeper the graphics and gameplay are sweetier heck even the audio is legit. the haymakers are awesome and not a hassle to pull off. if this is as good as it gets for boxing then thats just okay for me. Full Review »
  2. AndrewW.
    Jul 24, 2005
    A pretty good game i would say. Stunning graphics and effect (gum shields flying out and blood). There are good moves in it as well like haymakers. What really disappoints me is there could be more great boxers like Tszyu, Judah,Tyson as a legend and some brits like Calzaghe and Harrison. Full Review »
  3. T.G.
    Mar 28, 2005
    Incredibly addictive, great graphics.