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  • Summary: The Phantasy Star adventure that began on the PC now comes to your GameCube with new gaming modes and new content. Phantasy Star Online I & II features new character classes, weapons, enemies, items, and quests. A new split-screen feature allows three of your friends to join you on your adventure, as well as in other game modes, on the same console. Episode I includes all of the content from the original PSO and PSO Version 2, while Episode II brings a new, full-length adventure. Expand
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  1. I've logged 70 hours on the game so far, and I'm nowhere near quitting. Sure, I've finished the game many times already, but the game's structure of almost endless goals keeps me coming back for more every single day. [Jan 2003, p.82]
  2. The best RPG the GameCube has to offer, and it is the only online game the GameCube has to offer, not to mention that it is a damn good one.
  3. Sixty hours is barely scratching the sun beaten and twisted surface of this game. Sixty hours in PSO is nothing.
  4. Abandons exterior features and special effects to deliver an addicting Action/RPG with an intriguing story and noticeable Japanese influences.
  5. But even if you only go online with this game for a month or 2, it will be wholeheartedly worth it.
  6. If you're already a PSO vet, there's little reason beyond character-leveling to re-play the first episode, but for one and all, there is a new, engaging and entertaining experience here, provided you can pay the online piper.
  7. Admittedly better value for money than the rather uninspired "version 2" Dreamcast release, but for a game which has seen as much development as this to suffer from fundamental flaws and dodgy design decisions in so many areas is bizarre.

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