Spy Hunter GameCube

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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 7 out of 16
  2. Negative: 2 out of 16
  1. 68
    Not only far inferior to the Xbox version, which runs better and features several exclusive additions, it actually displays a worsened framerate over the original PS2 version which shipped six months ago.
  2. While it's almost identical to the PlayStation 2 version, the GameCube version is made slightly less desirable by the choppy, somewhat pixilated graphics.
  3. Spyhunter may be a throwback to that original arcade game, but this old friend never looked so good, or was as welcomed.
  4. It just looks awful and pixilated. [May 2002, p.85]
  5. 70
    A good title, but also frustrating because of its PS2-quality graphics.
  6. 90
    If you're forced to choose, take this version over the more frustrating Xbox one.
  7. The real appeal of Spy Hunter comes from the gameplay and the controls. The handling is exquisite.
  8. The speed could be bumped up a little and the enemies could be more intelligent. [May 2002, p.130]
  9. As far as driving games go, this is a must-skip.
  10. We're incredibly upset that of all the things to suffer through the conversion process, it's the visuals – they've ended up looking rougher than a sandpaper sculpture of Shane McGowan.
  11. Less than spectacular visuals can take away part of the experience a game can offer, but solid gameplay will always shine through and SpyHunter is a perfect example of this.
  12. Spy Hunter isn't a game to pass up.
  13. 33
    Spy Hunter mangles a beloved classic arcade game beyond belief, and doesn't even take advantage of the capability of the GameCube in the process.
  14. It has fewer extras, more pixelated graphics, and more frame rate chop than [its next generation] siblings, and the frame rate chop, especially, is an occasional damper on gameplay.
  15. If you own a PS2, get that version instead.
  16. I can't really say more than 'YOU NEED THIS TITLE' for no other reason than to prove how games should be done.
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  1. JarrodM.
    Jul 15, 2002
    The game is a perfect 3d realization of the original Spy Hunter. The controls are great for single-touch movement. The graphics are actually The game is a perfect 3d realization of the original Spy Hunter. The controls are great for single-touch movement. The graphics are actually better for GameCube than any other system, though not far off in this catagory. For instance, the Gamecube version is the only one to use full three-crested raytracing on the car to make reflections. Little touches like that. Also, those web sites that say that the framerate is bad need to review the game AFTER it hits the market. The original release was buggy in the framerate--a conversion problem. That was fixed in the second release, which also had a few problems. The current release, #3, is fine, and those reviewers who get pre-release copies or never get re-releases need to get the newer release of the game. It actually surpasses the PS2 and X-Box versions in small details. I give the game a 9 rating only because of the lack of the ability to choose modes for multiplayer, because most of the levels that are not Chicken Hunt ones would be better as Chicken Hunt ones. Full Review »