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Generally favorable reviews - based on 27 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 25 out of 27
  2. Negative: 1 out of 27
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  1. The most exhilarating ride down the slopes you'll have this generation.
  2. Provides just enough new stuff to please fans of the series.
  3. 88
    Skiing is a blast even though it's not significantly different from boarding, and the rock star approach is a perfect fit. There's no question that this game is worth your money, but keep in mind that most of new content has more to do with presentation than gameplay.
  4. The game hits its stride late, but when it does, it hits it big. There's a lot of fun here for the patient gamer.
  5. Despite the lack of an online mode, this brand new style works out extremely well for the series and should bring the game a lot more fans.
  6. Despite the lack of multiplayer options, there are plenty of things to do in the single-player tour mode, and its steady progression in difficulty is wholly satisfying.
  7. This is an incredibly slick package, and not just on the surface, either. On Tour tightens up a lot of the underlying course designs and gameplay mechanics, and it quickens the pace without betraying the fundamentals of SSX.
  8. Everything looks great, from the character models to the environments. The game also has an amazing sense of speed.
  9. Despite the step-down in charm, the game underneath it all is splendid.
  10. The mountain contains some incredibly cool tracks and slopes to ride down. Unfortunately the mountain is not that huge, although some of the races are incredibly long. You'll just hit a lot of the same places over and over again.
  11. SSX On Tour feels very similar to its immediate predecessor, SSX 3. To a certain extent, SSX On Tour is simply more of the stuff that made SSX 3 so great, but in this case more of the same isn't a bad thing.
  12. Still, even with the new levels, simpler event progression, and slightly upgraded graphics, this feels too much like my last SSX winter getaway. Next season, I want to go somewhere new and exciting.
  13. 83
    Fundamentally, SSX On Tour takes everything I loved about "SSX 3" – and every SSX game before it – and wraps it up in one delicious package. What's the problem then? It's pretty much just more of the same.
  14. Offers enough newness for a purchase, but fans that have been there from the beginning might begin to wonder when the series will take that next step in evolution.
  15. games(TM)
    Even when the game begins to repeat itself, it never ceases to be fun. The initial wonderment may wear off slightly, but the engine is so solid and the gameplay mechanic is so enjoyable that SSX On Tour never drops below stellar status. [Dec 2005, p.102]
  16. AceGamez
    You'll definitely enjoy the On Tour mode for a good while, but don't expect to love the entire game like you might have loved the previous titles in the series; it feels more like an odd but amusing experiment for the series that won't be back for the next iteration, which will most likely return to the roots that the series was most successful with.
  17. Nintendo Power
    The new sketchbook graphic style in the menus and an awesome (and very customizable) soundtrack top off an unforgettable gameplay experience. [Dec 2005, p.111]
  18. Play Magazine
    The grinding is good, the tricks are easy enough for a shlub to pull off, and Electronic Arts does a fine job of fleshing everything out with a series of animated pencil line drawings that jackhammer home the game's exceedingly cool style. [Nov p.93]
  19. Cube fans may have received the short end of the ski pole in terms of some visual degradation and framerate but Nintendo purists will once again be able to hit the slopes with Mario, Luigi and Princess Peach who also were exclusive characters in EA's "NBA Street V3" on the Cube.
  20. 80
    It's a great game in the same way its predecessor -- "SSX 3" -- was a great game. It is not, however, a great game in the same way "SSX Tricky" was before that -- that is to say, it won't go on to be one of the greats.
  21. The issue here perhaps that the SSX franchise was not yet ready for another sequel, and EA's attempt to further cash in on their past success has resulted in a game that is inferior to its predecessors.
  22. 80
    For every good aspect of the game there seems to be a bad one, and when you balance that out across the board (or ski), it just adds up to a game that tries to evolve a winning formula but falls prey to its own ambition.
  23. 80
    Since just about every trail is unlocked from the beginning, you won't get to feel the satisfaction of making your way to a new mountain (one of the best parts of "SSX 3") and exploring it for the first time. Still, there's no denying that this is yet another stellar entry one of the most consistently excellent series around today.
  24. The addition of Mario and company never hurts either, as they feel more natural than they did in "NBA Street V3." Definitely hit this Tour.
  25. The gameplay is just as good as you remember it to be and the engine still hauls a great deal of ass, but considering it's had two years to stew, this tour feels a little too much like the last one.
  26. 70
    It would have been nice if staying on a slippery metal pole without falling off was rewarded via points like in the Tony Hawk games but I guess you can't have everything. Enjoy the delights of this delicious winter warmer now.
  27. Computer Games Magazine
    Dear Tricky, we miss you. [Jan 2006, p.91]

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Generally favorable reviews- based on 14 Ratings

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  1. Jul 25, 2016
    SSX on tour is a 100% a hidden gem on the gamecube. Well it isn't perfect but did held decent things in the gameplay and more. This game isSSX on tour is a 100% a hidden gem on the gamecube. Well it isn't perfect but did held decent things in the gameplay and more. This game is great and underrated. Full Review »
  2. Sep 14, 2014
    Reviewers should play the games they're reviewing more thoroughly before writing. In the case of this game it's a real shame that it seemsReviewers should play the games they're reviewing more thoroughly before writing. In the case of this game it's a real shame that it seems most reviewers only had criticisms which really limits the future of the SSX series.

    It's so strange the world we live in... On game before on SSX 3 everybody & every magazine was practically putting it as the top game of the year. Even on YT where the real gamers review they all love it but then comes this one and it's made by the same team & it scores lower.

    At first I felt this wasn't as good but I kept playing into it to see what & why the developers did what they did & I can reassure you this one doesn't ever feel as vibrant and neon as SSX 3 but a lot of traces of that game come up in ON TOUR once you get past the first few events.

    A little in and you'll be going down hills with colorful lighting & this time lots of fireworks & big screens showing your character & you'll remember the SSX you love.

    Style: It doesn't run in progressive scan like SSX3 & your characters are smaller so you don't see them as much. SSX3 had lots of personality because your characters were pre made with voice actors, they'd speak while you're racing along with the DJ always talking. The game felt alive. In this new game it feels more vague. You can't pick out the details on your character while moving, they don't really talk or have distinct personas. I think the developers failed to realize that the characters made the game. Yes in this one you can create your own but it's very much based in reality with even name brand stuff like Burton but that doesn't always translate well into a video game.

    What I do like is the inclusion of pedestrian traffic. This is big because most people never realized playing the old game that you were alone on the mountain until you entered into a race.

    In this game there's skiers, children, people falling down, doing their own thing the whole time & in FREE RIDE MODE ( which a lot of reviewers were stupid and didn't read the instruction manual that tells you it's accessible from the quick play menu) you can still pick a peak and snowboard down the whole mountain with no loading.

    Gameplay: Lots to unlock in this game. Different paths to take when FREE RIDING down the mountain. Purchasing abilities now is now a point system but actual abilities like in an action adventure game and it costs a lot of money so it extends the game. What people will notice is the game moves much faster, along with the ability to boost like in SSX3 but in ON TOUR it really speeds you up & the screen does a cool blur effect.

    Overall it's going to preference between SSX3 or ON TOUR. I like the music in ON TOUR and also the more interactive mountain. I like the speed also. But SSX3 has the cool characters and colorful higher resolution visuals that pulls me in. Both are good but probably for most people the favor is leaning towards SSX 3.

    Regardless if you were a fan of the series don't miss this one. It's heavily influenced by Guitar Hero I think but as a game it's still as solid & also an improvement in terms of gameplay over SSX3. It just loses some character in exchange for build your own set up.
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  3. Mar 6, 2014
    Although sharing many similarities with its precursor, and many improvements as well, such as skiing and Ai skiers, the game lacks the epic,Although sharing many similarities with its precursor, and many improvements as well, such as skiing and Ai skiers, the game lacks the epic, clean cut professional feel that SSX 3 had. The Ai can constantly mess up your runs by crashing into you, and the game just feels too dirty and "punk" to stand up to hype.

    Overall, while still a decent title with improved graphics, it is at most a decent entry into the ssx franchise, but not really what we were expecting.
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