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  1. 91
    This is absolutely, without a doubt, the most complete and impressive edition of the THPS series yet.
  2. The deeper single-player and improved multiplayer modes makes Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4 the most tightly-packed installment in the series to date, and the slightly refined gameplay is still unmatched in the GameCube's action sports arena.
  3. Takes all the best elements from the past three games and polishes them to a blinding shine.
  4. This year's installment puts all others to shame.
  5. Many missions - while fun - take away from the skating, which is why we play the game. [Dec 2002, p.130]
  6. 93
    Its depth and addictiveness is second to none. If the GameCube is your only console, then I wholeheartedly recommend this game.
  7. 90
    Slowdown, in this day and age? Believe it—it comes and goes, depending on the environment and how it’s populated, but it’s definitely noticeable during some vert tricks, and it’s simply not there on the PS2 and Xbox versions.
  8. Go ahead and pick your favorite system and help yourself to another dose of the best skating game franchise on the planet.
  9. Where else can you skate to Iron Maiden, AC/DC, De La Soul, Public Enemy and the Sex Pistols? "Evolution Skateboarding"? Yeah, right! [Dec 2002, p.76]
  10. More of the same with a few extras throw in. But that’s not a bad thing – not by a long shot.
  11. Freeform action and customizability make THPS 4 the Hawk's best skate yet. [Dec 2002, p.216]
  12. Though THPS4 may not be the best introduction to the series due to its steep learning curve, it makes an excellent follow-up for the legions of THPS fans already out there.
  13. With it’s in-depth and lengthy Career mode and multiplayer that rivals the best the GameCube can offer, Tony Hawk’s 4 should find a home with any true gamer.
  14. While for the most part the tried and true Tony Hawk gameplay is still intact, this latest release in the series gives it a breath of freshness.
  15. 96
    A vast improvement over its predecessors.
  16. Freed from time constraints, you now accomplish level-specific goals—like outmaneuvering skater-busting cops—to advance while on the lookout for secret minigames.
  17. It is as solid as past installments, only not as amazing and shocking.
  18. With timeless beats like De La Soul's "Oodles of O's" plus pre-Mortal Kombat combos (which don't require memorizing 56 moves), you'll forget you actually bought this game for your kid. [25 Oct 2002, p.83]
  19. I really got into "THPS 3" and I'm happy to report that THPS 4 is a better game in every possible way.
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  1. Mar 7, 2011
    I wasn't sure what to expect when I bought this game, as I'm not a huge fan of these types of games, but I really liked this game, it's simple to learn but difficult to master, and things like the ability to make your own skatepark really add to the re-play value of this game, this is a game I can highly recommend. Full Review »
  2. [Anonymous]
    May 12, 2004
    This is yet another great Tony Hawk game. There is so much to do. There are so many goals and moves to discover that it surprised me. And what else surprised me was that this game is as good on the GameCube as it is on the PS2 or Xbox. Full Review »
  3. DaveB.
    Nov 19, 2003
    THPS4 is really good, but i didn't find as much replayability after i was done souping. It takes a lot of effort to find the really good combos, like in Tony 3, which was also an excellent game. Overall it's worth purchasing and enjoying for a long time to come. Full Review »