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TransWorld Surf: Next Wave Image

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  • Summary: Surf the most realistic 3D water anywhere - including over 20 of the world's sweetest breaks - and pull of the same monster moves that made pros like Taj Burrow and Shane Dorian famous. Brave the frigid waters of Antarctica, unlock 13 new hidden characters and surf against your friends in extreme multiplayer modes like Shark Tag! Expand
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  1. 79
    The GameCube doesn't look as good as the Xbox version, but it actually plays a whole lot smoother thanks to better tuned collision detection, smoother moves animations, and a much better sense of speed.
  2. It's arguably the best version of the game to date, but a year and a half after it was released on the Xbox, the game doesn't have quite the same impact.
  3. 68
    The bad news is that a lot of little flaws and a couple of not-so-little flaws seemingly inherent to surfing games keep it from being the kind of game that non-surfers are going to be interested in.
  4. More gamelike in its execution than "Kelly Slater's Pro Surfer." [May 2003, p.138]
  5. Besides paddling faster than most boats, the surfing action in Next Wave is second only to "Kelly Slater's," the reigning kahuna of surfing games. [May 2003, p.61]
  6. About the only thing missing is the gameplay. [May 2003, p.55]