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  • Summary: Get ready for intense firefights in Worms Blast, a new puzzle game featuring wacky weaponry and power-ups. Your mission is to launch your worm into hostile waters and then attack your opponent with shotguns, bazookas, mines, laser beams, and sea monsters, while collecting various power-ups. Brave the high seas by facing rain, wind, solar eclipses, and even cosmic showers. Worms Blast includes eight head-to-head modes that challenge you to crush your opponents before they crush you. Expand
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  1. Multiplayer mode is where Worms Blast really comes into its own. Against another player, any game can be completely turned around within a matter of seconds.
  2. Even though some of the challenges are thumb-breaking, it’s nothing you can’t get over after a couple of minutes. Solid effort, Team 17.
  3. A solid puzzler with an almost impeccable presentation.
  4. This game has to be played in the two-player mode to get the true feel of it.
  5. 58
    You can get involved in some pretty intense matches, but the gameplay does not lend itself to be longlasting like some of the other addicting puzzlers out there.
  6. Has the core of great puzzle game, from the range of game modes to the interesting characters. Unfortunately, the sluggish if workable controls put a damper on the overall feel.
  7. One boring and frustrating game... The controls and sheer monotony simply ruin the game.

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  1. RyanM.
    May 27, 2004
    If you like tearing your eyes out with a spork in a blinding fury...you'll enjoy this sick disgrace of a puzzle game.