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  • Summary: Discover Blade Lords, the most STUNNING and visually AMAZING fighting game ever created, and get the most intense, the most fluid and the most immersive game experience you’ll ever had with this 100% mobile-exclusive game !Grab your sword NOW and become the ultimate Blade Lord!*******“Gorgeous” –“Absolutely Stunning” –"A great substitute to Street Fighter X Tekken mobile!" -*******WARNING : Blade Lords is not compatible with iPhone 4 and less.GOOD OR EVIL•Start with Sakuraba, the fierce and brave swordsman, and unlock new characters along your quest: Hitodama, the bloodthirsty demon ; Kateryn, the sexy warrior lady; or Kyogen, the Ninja assassin ! OLD SCHOOL FIGHT•Entirely thought for the iPad and the iPhone, Blade Lords is a 3D game with a 2D combat view that will make you live through the pleasure of fighting games with controls tailored for mobile devices.MORE GAME MODES FOR MORE FUN AND FIGHTS•Play the Story mode, the Arena Mode or the Daily Chaos Portal mode as you wish.•With the Arena Mode, play unlimited with your Story character in a series of fights to acquire new game skills.•Each day, play 2 bonus fights with fully random fighters (even those locked!) and get extra rewards with the Daily Chaos Portal. STUNNING VISUALS AND ENVIRONMENTS THANKS TO THE UNREAL ENGINE TECHNOLOGY•In between Western middle-age and Japanese universes, ranging from the snowy battlefield to the very Asian below-the-cherry-tree stage, you will fight in amazingly beautiful and never-seen before settings thanks to the Unreal Engine 3 technology!CUSTOMISATION•Each character has its own fighting skills as well as unique equipment and attributes. You’ll be able to customize your character the way YOU want with the in-game store: costumes, weapons, potions, accessories, etc. that will make your character even more powerful! •Following an RPG-like progression, the XP point attribution system allows you to shape your characters in details as you wish: more defense, more attack, extra powers! It’s all up to you!SIMPLE AND INTUITIVE•If you’re a casual player, you’ll LOVE Blade Lords for its simple and intuitive controls that will allow you to perform each type of combos, but if you’re a fan of the genre, you’ll be as much attracted with the game for its different modes, characters, and unique combos system! A challenge you think you can handle? STAY TUNED•Updates featuring new characters and new modes - such as the much awaited Infinite Tower mode allowing you to challenge the community and to become the best of the Blade Lords – are coming soon! Stay tuned and like our Facebook page to find out more: or visit our website for regular updates : Follow us on Facebook and Twitter Collapse
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  1. Jan 25, 2013
    Even if you're not the biggest fan of arcade-style fighting games, I would still recommend giving Blade Lords a try, as the lighthearted martial arts adventure is incredibly easy to get into, and has enough depth to it to keep all you sword-wielding wanderers coming back for more!
  2. Jan 28, 2013
    Blade Lords does get points for really trying to do something different with the one-on-one combat experience by going down a familiar route. While I'd like to see less monetization influence and more pure fighting game influence added, this is still interesting enough to check out for fighting fans.
  3. 80
    A freemium game that delivers a great arcade experience packed around a decent adventure. This is fighting as you remember it from classic 3D fighting games redone with the Unreal 3 engine. The freemium model isn’t intrusive after the first few weapons have been obtained (with in-game currency or real money) and the controls work like a charm. If you want a quick entertaining fighting fix for touch this is a good (and cheap) place to start.
  4. Feb 4, 2013
    Blade Lords delivers a convincing beat'em-up experience, though limited in numbers. Nonetheless there are plenty of quests and challenges to play with.
  5. Mar 4, 2013
    Beautiful to look at and fun to play, Blade Lords offers straightforward one-on-one fighting action but relies too much on in-app purchases to keep things ticking over.
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