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  • Summary: Tune your brain in less than a minute a day! Like a Brain Age exercise. Get your brain in shape with this great math game for all ages. Some reviews: • "Potent and addictive!" (5 stars): "This app is amazing. I have become far more comfortable calculating math in my head since playing this game and have gained more mathematic confidence. As a computer science major this is an excellent resource!" -Nicole Shaffer

    • "thumbs up" (5 stars): "my favorite iphone app just got better! i like the new additions like the division option, 60 questions, and global top scores to see how i rate." -the michael phelps of brain tuner

    • "Great app - clean and sweet" (5 stars): "Well worth supporting the developer. Can't wait to see what's next!" -Ukelover

    Brain Tuner is Gengar Studios / Elliot Lee's first iPhone App. If you enjoy it, please give it a top rating to encourage me to develop more.

    This is the Premium version of Brain Tuner, featuring more Options, Difficulty Levels, and a Global High Scores list!

    • See high scores online at:
    • Developer:
    • Art by Amy:
    • Spanish translation: Lluís Molins

    If you have trouble running Brain Tuner (or any other App), you may need to restart your iPhone or iPod touch. See for details.

    If you have problems after updating, delete the app (hold your finger on the icon until it wiggles, and then tap the X) and re-install it.

    Features: Best Times, game start countdown, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and more.

    Device-specific high score lists are coming soon.

    All future versions of BrainTuner Premium will be free updates.

    If you enjoy this app, please give it a top rating to encourage me to develop more. Send me your feedback for updates, as I have plans for many future improvements! Thanks :)

    Developed by GreenGar Studios
    Formerly Gengar Studios
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