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  • Summary: Cybernarium -  a cybernetic arena breakout based on real physics. It's a dynamic high-paced action game with cyberpunk look and feel. *****"The game’s really well done. The UI puts you right into the futuristic tone of the game. It took me a while to realize I was playing a paddle wars game, because frankly the look, sounds, music and attention to detail in Cybernarium kept my mind in one of those sci-fi movies…" - iPhoneAppCafe"Overall, this universal cyberpunk version of Breakout is nothing to sneeze at. The graphics are clean and high quality, the gameplay is fast and challenging, and the style is unique." - AppAdvice*****OH WAIT, YET ANOTHER BREAKOUT?Manually activated reflective shields, missiles and dynamic circular arena that fights back - it's not only a new dimension of challenge, it's a completely new look and feel for the good old genre. Just try it!IT'S A CHALLENGEYes, this is the game where skill, dexterity and fast thinking matters. Don't just hit plasma-ball with your droid-paddle but control it while dodging enemy turrets.  You can complete all levels (well, not at once), but can you get the highest score possible? EASY TO START, HARD TO MASTERThe game has 2 campaigns. "Behind the walls" campaign is more similar to the classic breakout game while "Insane freedom" requires fast reaction and all your dexterity.I'M NUMBER ONEThis is a challenge game. 20 tricky achievements will indicate your progress. Are you fast and accurate enough? Compete with your friends or any player in the world with Game Center leaderboards.        GAME CONTROLSThe game offers 2 type of controls - tap the paddle and drag it or control the paddle via on-screen controls. While the first variant is easy to start to feel the game the second one requires some learning but it brings fantastic results when you get used to it.THROUGH YOUR JOURNEY YOU WILL ENCOUNTER:- 2 separate campaigns with 30 arenas each.- Dynamic arenas: levels will have moving/rotating, destroyable and indestructible objects and turrets that try to shoot you.- Ammunition: manually activated reflective shields to use in panic moments.- Ammunition: fire missiles to destroy some remaining objects or shoot the turrets before they shoot you.    - 15 power-ups and power-downs to gain additional score, replenish ammunition or modify the game play.- Game center support with leaderboards and achievements.- Stylish cyberpunk graphic and musicCybernarium control code is in your hands now!VISIT US: (for video, screens, etc)  LIKE US: US: GAMES AND APPS: Expand
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  1. Dec 5, 2011
    This game is a competent homage to the classics of the genre and it brings some unique mechanics to the table, but the execution is fairly bland and the controls are sticky.