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  • Summary: Play it out loud! The latest installment from the smash hit DanceDanceRevolution series has arrived. Build up the best Dance Crew and Dance Battle against rivals in DanceDanceRevolution Dance Wars.Game Features:DANCE BATTLEIt's a battle with collectibles at stake. Bring up to 3 members from your Dance Crew and challenge rivals in a cutthroat Dance Battle. The higher the skill levels you and your crew have, the higher the chances of winning. Unlock music and other content by completing collectibles.MISSIONThink you're a DDR master? Test out your skills in Mission Mode and see if you can a clear all the Mission Stages with perfect scores. Clear Mission Stages to open up cool content such as 3D Dancer Characters. EVENT BATTLEGet together with players and take on challenging bosses in time-limited Event Battles. Complete Event Battles for a chance to receive sweet rewards like 3D Dancer Character Accessories. DANCE CREW COOPERATIONCooperation with your Dance Crew is important! Be a Bodyguard and watch over your Crew even while you're not playing. Your Crew can do the same to help you defend a battle. Practice Battle and communication with your Crew could earn you Respect Points. Use Respect Points to obtain or upgrade skills, get consumable items, and more. Follow us on Facebook:http://www.facebook.com/dancedancerevolutionView the Trailer:http://www.youtube.com/ --- By Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd. Notes:DanceDanceRevolution Dance Wars is free to play, but charges real money for additional in-app content. You may lock out the ability to purchase in-app content by adjusting your device's settings.This is an online game only. Users must be connected to the Internet (3G or WiFi) to play.-Terms of Use: http://id.gree.net?action=misc_tos_generic&page=terms&app_id=586162638-Privacy Policy: http://id.gree.net?action=misc_tos_generic&page=privacy_policy&app_id=586162638 Expand
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  1. Feb 22, 2013
    If all Dance Wars did was take the standard DDR gameplay and music selection and infuse it with some social features, I would have happily played it without much complaint. The problem is its excessive freemium system not only prevents you from playing, but blatantly puts monetization ahead of any semblance of balance between unlocking songs and having to pay for IAP items. It's really a shame and is a far cry from the previous DDR offering.
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  1. May 20, 2013
    Great game but bad marketing. This game restricts you from playing the game because there is a dumb system of stamina only allowing you to play a few songs a session until it regenerates in hours. The only way to not have the stamina problem is to pay money. I don't understand why the publisher would do this because i would happily pay $5 to buy the game outright but i would not spend a cent to buy a temporary stamina refiller. 1/10 because I can't even play the game for more than 10 mins. Expand