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  • Summary: INTRODUCTORY PRICE: 50% OFF (Regular price $1.99, for limited time only $0.99) Save your frogs from evil storks and make the pond a peaceful place to live! In Frogs vs. Storks you play with your little frogs that make a good and peaceful living in their beautiful pond. But, with the arrival of storks, the pond became a dangerous place to live! Storks are everywhere now just waiting for their chance to eat your frogs!
    Outsmart evil storks and once again make you pond a peaceful place to live in Frogs vs. Storks.

    *** FROM CRITICS ***
    "...this is a very playable and frustratingly addictive puzzler..

    ...just when you are getting used to the gameplay and you’re beginning to feel like you can easily outsmart the stupid storks, the game throws a bit of a curve ball at you.

    ...Frogs Vs. Storks manages to keep the gamer entertained enough to want to keep going."

    - 5 stages increasing difficulty
    - 5 different achievements
    - 40 unique levels and hours of fun and challenge
    - Create your own levels with LEVEL GENERATOR and enjoy the unlimited fun!
    - Dare to win all achievements and high-score on most challenging stages
    - Beautiful graphics and animations
    - HD resolution on your newest iOS Device with retina display
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