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  • Summary: A high quality, free Air Hockey app with challenging AI options, and your choice of pushers or paddles! AI TYPES - Frustrating - Random - Cheating Frustrating AI is the ultimate test of your Air Hockey playing ability. Actually, I think it’s just Impossible to beat, let me know if you can beat this AI!

    Random AI puts up a good challenge. Not quite Frustrating.

    Cheating AI breaks the rules! It will get all up in your side of the court, but what YOU can do is pick up and drag the puck into your opponent’s goal! Who’s cheating now?

    - Pushers (like an Air Hockey table)
    - Paddles (like a classic arcade game)

    Pushers will follow your touch, within the bounds of your (bottom) half of the Air Hockey table.

    Paddles can be controlled by touch or tilt. If you’re touching the screen, the Paddle moves by touch control, otherwise it moves by tilt.

    Try to score a point by hitting the puck into your opponent’s goal! Goal boxes (in gray) are smaller when using Pushers than when playing with Paddles. All games are single point games, whoever scores first is the winner!

    Want to see the title screen mid-game? Shake the device to reset!

    You can customize the color of your Air Hockey table using fully customizable Red, Green, and Blue color sliders!

    Blog: blog.kennysapps.com
    Twitter: @KennysApps
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