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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 26 out of 27
  2. Negative: 0 out of 27
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  1. 100
    An exhaustingly fun game.
  2. Sep 7, 2011
    Jetpack Joyride goes beyond addicting, it needs another word to describe it (Addictacular? Addictastic?).
  3. Sep 1, 2011
    Jetpack Joyride doesn't need any kind of "if you like randomized endless games" or any other disclaimers. It is a game you simply must own.
  4. Sep 1, 2011
    One heck of a fun time, the type of experience that begs multiple plays. Before long, you'll invest multiple hours and die numerous times.
  5. Sep 1, 2011
    Featuring the usual Halfbrick spit-and-polish and a wealth of gameplay elements that keep things fresh, exciting, and painfully addicting, Jetpack Joyride is a terrific example of iDevice gaming done right.
  6. Sep 1, 2011
    While touch-to-fly style endless games are nothing new, Jetpack Joyride trumps them all by packing together gorgeous designs with fun gameplay and replay value that's bursting at the seams.
  7. Sep 1, 2011
    This is one of my favorite iOS games in recent memory, and one of the best endless games on the App Store. I cannot stress how highly I recommend this game, and I will keep playing it long after this review is finished.
  8. Sep 7, 2011
    Nothing is more addicting than Jetpack Joyride: an easy concept to understand but a long lasting gameplay to master. And with its price, it would be a crime to not buy it.
  9. Games Master UK
    Oct 23, 2011
    This game has simplicity nailed. [Dec 2011, p.93]
  10. Oct 16, 2011
    Combining a score-attacking arcade game, the addictive challenges of Call of Duty, varying vehicle mechanics, and all the humor and absurdity Haflbrick can muster, Jetpack Joyride is a godsend of mobile gaming. While you still won't sit and enjoy the game for hours, it's an ideal burst of entertainment in the doctor's office, before boarding a plane, or on the can.
  11. May 1, 2012
    Simple and fun, Jetpack Joyride is a must have in every iOS Device.
  12. Jan 19, 2012
    Another masterpiece from the makers of Fruit Ninja. It's free, it's funny, it's hypnotic... it's a must have!
  13. Jan 12, 2012
    With the hugely popular Angry Birds, and the unique Sword and Sworcery, Jetpack Joyride forms up the tryptic of the smartphone/tablet typical must-have games. It's pure action, through a single move : touching the screen to control the Jetpack, and survive the randomly generated traps as long as possible. It's highly addictive, filled with nice bonuses to unlock and blessed with a very nice artistic touch, typically referencing the video game world... just grab it!
  14. Nov 17, 2011
    All in all, this makes for a very entertaining game that will provide hours of enjoying, for people of all ages.
  15. Sep 7, 2011
    It's unusual to find a game of this sort deal with losing, which is obviously the majority experience, with such care – the packaging of Barry's mad dash turns it into an endlessly rewarding marathon, rather than a series of disconnected sprints.
  16. Sep 2, 2011
    For a game which is seemingly so simple in design, Jetpack Joyride is a rare treat. It's lovingly put together and charming to boot. The collectable Stash, Missions and the nature of the game itself all come together to make this an easy recommendation for game of the week, if not the month.
  17. Sep 1, 2011
    Between responsive controls, colorful sprites that are easy on the eyes, and a clever rewards system that will keep players coming back for more, Jetpack Joyride is comfortably the best in its class.
  18. Sep 1, 2011
    Aside from the initial letdown for those expecting a deeper game, Jetpack Joyride is a delightfully challenging arcade romp that no iOS gamer should be without.
  19. Sep 1, 2011
    Jetpack Joyride is simplistic fun, but Halfbrick's suite of bonuses, unlockables, leaderboards, and achievements makes it near irresistible.
  20. Sep 1, 2011
    Halfbrick's most addictive game yet, surpassing the seminal Fruit Ninja. The semi-random (but still skill-based) jetpack gameplay is tuned to perfection. Joyride's bevy of extras give the jetpacking shenanigans an extra boost of purpose, keeping me coming back round after round.
  21. Jan 10, 2012
    It all comes down to the fact that I would rather pay for a carefully tuned game than get a financially optimized one for free. But I guess if a developer's going to screw up the equation, they might as well do it with a game as good as Jetpack Joyride.
  22. Dec 4, 2011
    Jetpack Joyride it's a game for every gamer. Fresh, simple and accessible.
  23. 80
    Halfbrick knows the endless runner/one button platform genre like the back of their hand, and it shows. Jetpack Joyride hits all the right marks, and ends up being more addictive than cotton candy laced with cocaine.
  24. Sep 5, 2011
    Jetpack Joyride is further evidence of Halfbrick's unseemly knack for producing games designed to test both the battery life of handheld gaming platforms and the sanity of players. Needless to say, both run out eventually.
  25. Sep 1, 2011
    Halfbrick is one of only a handful of developers that seem to impress with every release on the App Store, and Jetpack Joyride is no exception. Is it yet another endless survival game on the App Store? Sure. But it's one that's brimming with personality, challenge, and a machine gun that you wear on your back to fly. If that doesn't say second amendment, I don't know what does.
  26. Sep 1, 2011
    Halfbrick's latest is no slouch, but it won't knock many socks off.
  27. Sep 16, 2011
    Quotation forthcoming.
User Score

Generally favorable reviews- based on 105 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 81 out of 105
  2. Negative: 12 out of 105
  1. Sep 7, 2011
    I got this game because I saw that the rating was quite astronomical on Metacritic. I also got it because I liked fruit ninja. In JetpackI got this game because I saw that the rating was quite astronomical on Metacritic. I also got it because I liked fruit ninja. In Jetpack Joyride you are basically going as far as you can through one extremely long level (ala Tiny Wings). Like Tiny Wings, there is not really a goal to the game beyond going as far as you can. This concept works extremely well in Tiny Wings, because Tiny Wings central mechanism is a developable skill. You can feel yourself improve over time, and therefore a "goal-less" system still feels rewarding.

    In JJ however, this is not the case. After many many plays you don't feel as though you've really gotten any better at the game. This is because your deaths are basically random, and not a true measure of your skill at the game. You will be flying along when randomly an "electro-wirery-killing-thing" (the main obstacle in the game), will appear on the side of the screen you are on. A lot of the time you are in a position where there it is not even actually POSSIBLE to get out of the way, regardless of your response time / skill level. This makes your death feel inevitable, and random.

    When you are done a level, you get to play a slot machine for various bonuses using tokens that appear randomly during the level. I find this rather ironic, as it is quite metaphorical of the actual game play itself. This whole app is just a big slot machine.

    What's worse, is that the upgrades are mostly completely USELESS, literally. Only about 5 of them actually do anything (the vehicle magnets), and they only improve your ability to score coins, and do not effect your ability to perform in any way. This is actually reminiscent of Tiny Wings' system, as TW just upgrades your points multipliers instead of upgrades. This upgrading philosophy keeps the game a "pure skill" game, meaning that the high scores are in no way effected by upgrades. The fundamental difference is that TW's skill ceiling is much much much higher than JJ's . Since the game is NOT a pure skill game, the developers should have included **** of awesome upgrades that allow you to get better and better and go farther and farther. What a wasted opportunity. To be clear, I have nothing against random games Peggle is one of my favorite casual games of all time. But Peggle doesn't pretend to be a skill based game. JJ does.

    There are also consumables, that are astronomically expensive... one of which could be initially conceived as useful, which is the "second chance" consumable which allows you to . However going as far as you can in the game doesn't actually feel like the goal of the game. The goal of the game feels like scoring as many coins as possible. So, if the goal is scoring as many coins as possible, why would I spend 5000 coins on something that will allow me to continue through one of my random deaths? It's completely, and utterly stupid. One of the other upgrades is a "750m head start", but again this goes under the assumption that I feel like the goal of the game is to go as far as I can, which isn't the case.

    The only place this game hits, and hits hard, is the aesthetics. It's Metal Slug-esc veneer is gorgeous, the coins and sounds are so cute you just wanna eat them. The skin of this game masks an other wise completely pointless, goalless, random, skill-less system, pretending to be the opposite.

    I'm actually dumbfounded by the positive reviews this game has received. It's clear that the critics of the game app market don't have much gaming experience. For a skill based "go as far as you can" game, play Tiny Wings. For a random "go as far as you can" game, play Flight by Armor games. This game fails on all fronts, but sure does look pretty.
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  2. Sep 17, 2011
    Addictive, fun, & easy to play, Jetpack Joyride has got to be one of the best iOS apps of the year. It has rich graphics, a cool sound and aAddictive, fun, & easy to play, Jetpack Joyride has got to be one of the best iOS apps of the year. It has rich graphics, a cool sound and a nice RPG element that blends in nicely with the game. Overall, the game is a great expirence for gamers and iPhone users. Full Review »
  3. Jul 5, 2014
    Addictive, fun, and a fairly simple concept. I just think the S.A.M puzzle pieces are too rare and too hard to get. Also, teh lasers areAddictive, fun, and a fairly simple concept. I just think the S.A.M puzzle pieces are too rare and too hard to get. Also, teh lasers are sometimes placed in impossible areas because of size, plz fix that HalfBrick. Full Review »