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  • Summary: GET READY FOR A BUBBLE GAME AS YOU'VE NEVER SEEN BEFORE! Help Klopex saving the galaxy from the evil plans of Dr. Minch on this exciting adventure! Travel through 10 incredible worlds, clear them from viruses and other vermins and beat the 7 scary bosses. The future of the universe depends on you! Klopex Galactic Bubble is an attractive and original bubble game with 11 different modes, Single Player, Local Multiplayer and Arcade. Try now for FREE the first 22 levels that will leave you breathless - you won´t be able to stop playing! FEATURES: • 120 different and addictive levels • 10 captivating different worlds • 6 Single Player modes - Classic, Time Attack, Survival, Horde, Space Trek, Boss Mode • 4 Local Multiplayer modes - Classic, Time Attack, Survival Tug, Tug of War • 7 final bosses • Share your score in Facebook! • (Coming soon!) 3 Online Multiplayer modes - Classic, Time Attack, Survival (Very soon available) THE FUNNIEST OF THE INTERGALACTIC ADVENTURES AWAITS YOU NOW!--- The permissions that are required to install this game are only used for analysis tools in order to allow us to improve the game for future updates. Expand
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  1. Sep 24, 2012
    Overall, Klopex Galactic Bubble for iPhone is a typical bubble game. It has a couple interesting and unique additions, like the space trek mode, but the main gameplay is pretty standard. If online multiplayer is added soon, it could make it very appealing.