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  • Summary: Inspired by the classic game Missile Command. Defend your cities from waves of alien attacks! Unlock special abilities as you reach your highest scores. Enjoy an engaging story with interesting characters as they fight to defend the earth from a formidable enemy."Now we come to it, the end of our time. This truly is the earth's last defense."Promo Video: Simple and addictive gameplay Tap the screen in the desired location to fire a missile that counters an enemy attack. Tap a special move at the bottom of the screen to unleash an epic attack to gain the upper hand against your adversary's assault. Included Features - Nostalgic gameplay with a modern feel - Mind blowing original music by Perspection - Compelling story with memorable characters - 30 levels of intense action - 6 menacing boss fights - Unlock 5 powerful skills - Unlockable gameplay modes - 15 achievements to conquer - Beautiful retina display graphics - Unique design aesthetics:: iPad Owners :: A separate HD app is in the works with added features!:: Note ::This game was designed to utilize the power of the armv7 processor. It is highly recommended to play using 3GS and above iPhone or 3rd Gen and above iPod Touch."Somebody set up us the bomb." - Mechanic"Without the midichlorians and this game, life could not exist." - Qui-Gon"It's over 9000!" - Vegeta Expand
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  1. Aug 26, 2011
    Though the story's perfunctory and flat nature doesn't help when later levels become monotonous, Beauty of the Fall managed to wring enough from an established formula to make stemming yet another alien invasion worth your time.
  2. Aug 9, 2011
    I'd love to give Last Defense of our Time a higher score, but the sloppy bugs make it a hard game to get fully on board with. Get past them and there's a great Missile Command homage with plenty of variety waiting to be enjoyed.