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  1. May 4, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Madden 12 for the iPhone is almost exactly the same as Madden 11. No new graphics, a new game modes (which is actually kind of fun, but limited), an online rank (but not individual scores) and a changed camera angle. 1) The graphics are exactly the same as Madden 11. Poor effort EA. 2) The new game modes is okay - it is the last 2 minutes of a game, down by a few points, have to score to win. This one is worth mentioning not because it's fun (it's okay), but because its the only time you'll be able to carry the ball on a run play. Both Madden 11 & 12 suffer from the fact that you simply cannot run with the ball. At all. After a pass, sure, but not a run play. And that sucks. 3) The "online" part is lame. If you win the new game mode, your score gets added to your fav team on the online stats. Sure you can see whether other people like your team (by virtue of which team has the highest points), but who cares about that? It's a poor excuse for an "online" leaderboard. EA clearly were too cheap to provide a real leaderboard. Finally 4) the changed camera angle. Remember in Madden 11 (iOS) where as the QB you could see the whole field? Not any more. The field of view has been reduced (you can still swipe around to see), meaning that your WRs are out of view on the line. Is it a big deal? No. Is it better? No. Does it suck a little? Yes. Is it better than other NFL games for iOS? Yes, I think so. But, is it a decent game? Well, it's the same as Madden 11. Madden 11 was okay, but way, way too easy, and lacked a competitive season mode - it's just single seasons. Win the Superbowl? Now you get to start all over from scratch (although it does update rosters... which fail half the time, and you have to start a new season to get them). No persistent stats. And did I mention it was too easy? Even on the highest setting, I always end up 16-0. Get Madden 11 for iOS and don't waste your money on Madden 12 for iOS. Expand

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  1. Sep 7, 2011
    Sure it can't look to compete with its console brethren, but if you must get your Gridiron fix on the go, you won't go wrong with this one.
  2. Sep 1, 2011
    Who I really expect to sway into checking out Madden NFL (11) 12 are the casual sports fans, or people like me, who are vaguely interested in sports games but found the various technicalities of football games to generally be annoying.
  3. Sep 1, 2011
    While we typically look forward to the exciting new additions that Madden manages to pack into its offerings, it seems we'll have to wait until Madden 13 to find any changes of significance.