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  • Summary: To play Margaritaville® Mobile™ you need a Facebook account and an internet connection. Margaritaville® Mobile is the ultimate lifestyle companion app on iPhone for Parrotheads! Play tropical themed mini-games, take wacky photos with fun Jimmy Buffett inspired frames and earn badges to expand your Parrothead lifestyle. The iPhone companion app also allows you to claim exclusive rewards in Margaritaville® OnlineTM, available now on Facebook and iPad. Remember, it’s always 5’o clock somewhere with Margaritaville Mobile on the go. It’s more than a game… it’s a lifestyle! MINI-GAMES:- Four mini-games from Margaritaville Online: Steel Drum Star, Hammock Time, Limbo, Tile Puzzles (Match 2 and Tile Swap)- 10 challenge levels for each mini-game- Earn up to 5 stars on each level- Earn badges for 10 star, 25 star and 40 star milestones- Earn 50/50 in any mini-game for the "Guru Game Star" badge! PHOTOS:- Take photographs of yourself and friends with Margaritaville themed borders and characters- Three different photo borders to choose from- Multiple photo accessories to pose with such as Parrothead hats, Margaritas and even Jimmy Buffett- Post the photos on Facebook to share with friends and earn badges BADGES:- 28 badges to earn, each with a corresponding reward in Margaritaville Online- Badge Rewards (coins, premium food items)- 5 tiers of badges (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, Parrothead), with special rewards for completing all badges in a tier- Badge tier rewards include Margaritaville Crown (character hat), Master Lure (fishing lure), MV Mobile Concoction Creator (money making still), Seaplane (Bar Interior Decoration) and one of every food item in the game FRIEND UPDATES:- View your Facebook friends’ Margaritaville Mobile updates CHECK-IN:- Check into nearby locations and share a Margaritaville moment with friends (tag your check-in with "Margaritaville Madness" or "Got a License to Chill")- Earn a badge for checking into a Margaritaville location! Collapse
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