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  • Summary: The famed Morita Shogi is now on sale!
    Not only does Morita Shogi offer unmatched playability, aesthetics, ease of use, logic design, and sheer entertainment value, but throughout this winter it's also on sale at a drastically reduced price!

    A new, updated version boasting even more
    challenging game play, a sleeker interface, and other improvements is also coming soon!
    (Owners of the current edition of the game will, of course, have access to the updated version free of charge.)

    The pinnacle of Shogi games!
    The famous Morita Shogi, now available for the iPhone and iPod Touch!

    Featuring unparalleled depth, this high-quality shogi (Japanese chess) application is unmatched in the fields of playability, aesthetics, ease of use, logic design, and sheer entertainment value.

    Includes Three Play Modes:
    VS. CPU Mode -
    Face off against the AI computer player, choosing from any one of six difficulty levels.

    Tournament Mode -
    Pit your skill against a series of increasingly strong computer opponents.

    VS. Mode -
    Play against a friend, sharing a single device.

    Game Features:
    - Review your performance: record and save up to 300 move-by-move game play histories!

    - Superior game logic worthy of the longstanding Morita Shogi name!

    - Fully customizable board, pieces, and backgrounds! Change the game's visuals to suit your mood with 245 possible combinations!

    - Receive medals for achieving in-game goals and increase your ranking.
    Collect all the medals to become a Meijin master!
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